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I woke up to the sound of footsteps but then I realised that Ace was still in my arms . Suddenly my heart started to pound in my chest . I reached over to the side of the bed and pulled out my biggest throwing knife that I had previously wedged in between the bed and the frame a few nights ago . I had one less knife when it came to throwing but it gave me peace of mind when I slept . I was in Ace's shirt and a pair of his shorts.

I could hear the light footsteps approaching the bedroom door from the corridor. How did I even wake up from them , they're so light that I could barely hear them . Then I realised that I had just woken from a nightmare, the footsteps were just a coincidence. There was only one person by sound of the footsteps .

I glanced at Ace who was soundly asleep . I shouldn't wake him , he needs his rest but who is walking around ? . I glanced at the time , 5 am . No one is allowed in Ace's house after 12 , except for Ice or Dante and I know this because I live here. Fuck , I was panicking ; it was probably Ice but I knew that it wasn't Ice as soon as our bedroom door creaked open because everyone would've knocked due to his fear of Ace beating his ass . I shut my eyes , pretending that I was asleep as I heard the faint footsteps approach the bed . I clutched my throwing knife tight from under the blankets as adrenaline rushed through my veins. I slowly opened one of my eyes to see someone holding a gun towards Ace's head , ready to kill him in one swift . I could only see the shadow of the figure since it was so dark ; if I was going to throw this knife , it would have to blind .

Before they had the chance to shoot , I sent my knife soaring through the air , hoping that it would hit them in time to stop whoever it was from shooting Ace . They froze , one of their hands raising to their chest . I did it . Ace jumped realising someone was in our room , shoving them to the ground . "ICE" Ace roared , his scream echoing through the house. I heard Ice sprint to our room , open up our door and turn on the light .

I froze when I saw who it was. Raul.

My knife was in his chest as he just stared at me with widened eyes . "Raul" my lip quivered as I stared at him on the floor . His eyes glanced from me to his chest before he grunted in pain . "RAUL" I screamed , scrambling to get out of the bed while Ace just stood frozen . "Raul" I weeped , holding him in my arms. "You were always good at throwing knives" he smiled as he struggled to breathe, blood trickling down the side of his cheek from his mouth. "I'm sorry" I mumbled, sobs escaping my mouth , I was unable to control them . I covered my mouth , muffling my cries as I held him in my arms .

I tried desperately to stop the bleeding . "I deserve this Sofia , let me go" . Each of Raul's blinks became longer while he struggled to stay awake . "Why are you standing there , go get the nurse" I shouted at Ace with tears streaming down my face . Ace just stared at me with slightly widened eyes to show me that he was shocked at the situation in front of us .

Ice sprinted out to get the nurse . "I'm not that 13 year old boy anymore Sofia , I'm a bad man, I've done.... a lot of bad things" Raul gasped for air , trying to talk . "I'm sorry for letting father abuse you for so long , I should've stopped him" Raul mumbled , a single tear rolling down his cheek . I was a mess . I may hate Raul now , but I'll never hate my older brother who I used to adore . The big brother who would bring me to the park and teach me how to play video games with him . The big brother who taught me how to throw knives and defend myself , even though I never used it .

"I can't , I can't" I weeped trying to hold my breath so that I didn't sob again . "I've always loved my little sister" he mumbled before closing his eyes for the last time and releasing his final breath . "No....Raul" my eyes widened in shock , shaking his head but he didn't wake up . "No no no" I whimpered painfully as Ace pulled me away from his body . "He's gone Ace" I sobbed uncontrollably. "He's gone" I sobbed again into Ace's chest . He had his arms wrapped around me tight , holding my head to his chest .

"It's okay , it's okay" Ace whispered soothingly , kissing the top of my head while rubbing big circles on my back with his other hand . "He's dead , I killed him" the realisation was only hitting now . I killed my own brother , my other brothers are going to want my head on a silver platter .

I sobbed uncontrollably begging Ace to take the pain away but he couldn't . I could've sworn I saw him tear up . Ace scooped his arm under my leg and the other around my back , lifting me effortlessly onto the bed . "Take him" Ace nodded at Ice and the nurse . "No we can save him" I shrieked about to jump at Ice who was about to take my brothers body , only to be held back by my boyfriend .

"He's gone , there's no saving him" he spoke weakly , not wanting to break my heart . "It hurts so bad" I croaked , trying to stop myself from crying . I felt so guilty , I felt like a monster, I felt like my father. Maybe I was wrong about only my brothers having the personality traits of my father . Maybe I have some too . I curled up into a ball on the bed with Ace trying to sooth my pain but he couldn't , not this time .

Ice picked up the gun off the gun off of the ground and shook his head . "Ace" he muttered showing him the handgun . Ace glanced at the gun and back to me . "She saved my life" Ace sounded hurt . "She shouldn't have to save my life , she shouldn't of had to kill her brother , where's our fucking guards?" Ace snapped angrily. "You don't get to be angry right now , comfort your girl" Ice scoffed after rolling his eyes before walking out .

Ace lay next to me , slipping his hand under my jumper and held me . "They're going to kill me" I weeped , staring at the wall . Ace took his hand out from his jumper that I was wearing and forced my body to turn to him . He had a crease in between his eyebrows and a serious look on his face. "I won't ever let anyone of them hurt you , do you hear me and if they even place a finger on you , I'll burn their house to the ground with them in it" Ace paused , realising what he had just said . "Only if you want me to" He added his anger fading away in fear that he had hurt me more .

I stared at him , I needed a distraction. "Loosing them would be bad , but I couldn't live if I lost you" I mumbled to him , wanting to touch him but I couldn't due to the blood on my hands. A moment of silence passed with us just staring into each other's souls . "Kiss me" I whispered , Ace giving me an eyebrow raise . "What's that for" I smiled so slightly at his eyebrow raise that he probably didn't notice due to his focus on the tears that were still flowing down my face . "Well when we kiss on the bed , I'll admit that I usually get .... dirty thoughts and I don't think you're in the right mind frame to have sex right now but I really want to kiss you and if I don't I might go crazy and I'm rambling aren't I?" He talked really fast .

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