Chapter 7

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Spencer's POV

After I broke down in front of Aiden, he comforted me until I fell asleep. I fell asleep on his shoulder, and I vaguely remember him laying me on the bed and leaving to lay on the couch. Before he could get far, I reached out a hand and stopped him, and motion towards the bed.

Having permission, he climbs into bed willingly, letting me rest my head on his chest. It's the best nights sleep I've ever gotten.

I wake up alone, but hear the door open. Aiden must have went somewhere... hopefully he'll tell me where he went.

"Hi, little mate. Good morning," Aiden mumbles tiredly. Why is he so tired?

Seeing my questioning gaze, he answers my silent questions, "Sorry, I just setting up a surprise for you. I had to wake up early to get it ready."

I nod my head and go to the bathroom to relieve myself and brush my teeth. I also decide I need to shower, not having showered in a long time. I quickly wash my hair and body, and dry off. Finishing up, I walk back out to see Aiden waiting for me on the bed. "Get dressed and then we will go."

I blush because I'm just in a towel, and head to the closet. I've been borrowing Aiden's clothes, until Alpha Lilly takes me shopping like she promised.

I grab a pair of black sweatpants, and a white t-shirt. I slip the towel off, and change into the new clothes.

Walking back out into the room, Aiden is ready and grabs my hand and leads the way.

We go down multiple flights of stairs, and then reach the backyard. People and families are all chatting and hanging out, reminding me of my old pack. The people were close, and I used to be a part of it. It all changed when I didn't shift.

Lost in my thoughts, I don't realize when Aiden drags me into the forest and we walk down a familiar path.

After just enjoying each other's company while walking, we arrive and my jaw drops.

We are back at the clearing, looking at the morning sun. The mountains in the distance are so beautiful, sitting behind the large lake that has a rushing stream running into it.

Looking at the grass, there is a large blanket that has a picnic basket sitting on top. There are pillows for us to sit on, positioned close together.

Aiden leads me over to the closest pillow and helps me sit down. I drag him down with me, deciding to help him sit down. Aiden's laughs at how unceremoniously he fell, making me laugh.

His laugh is one of the best sounds I've ever heard.

Aiden gets situated on his pillow, and opens up the picnic basket. He pulls out all kinds of breakfast food. I normally don't eat breakfast, used to only getting one meal a day.

I grab some pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and start eating once Aiden's gets his food too. I sit there, nodding along to what Aiden is talking about. He is telling me about his childhood, and a little about this pack.

"Both of my parents are now Royal Wolves, because they mated. They could only have one child, and that was me. I'm next in line for the throne because I'm also a royal wolf. It's complicated, but once we mate, you become one too. You get the same powers that I have," Aiden explains, surprising me. He's a Royal Wolf? I would become one too?

I grab my notepad and write, "Will I still be an omega?"

"Even though you are an omega, you are strong. You will be an omega Royal Wolf. You won't feel the need to submit to everyone, your wolf will have power over them. I hope that makes sense." I nod, understanding. My wolf will be stronger than before.

We finish eating, and just lay on the blanket, cuddling. I love this. This is perfect, my heart speeds up just thinking about the position I'm in. I've never been in a relationship or been this close to someone before, it's new and exciting.

I end up dozing off, but I'm shaken awake by Aiden. I look up into his eyes and he asks, "Want to go for a swim?"

My eyes light up, and I quickly sit up. Aiden chuckles, and helps me up. I tap Aiden's shoulder, and motion towards my clothes, asking a silent question.

"Just swim in your underwear, you can wear your shirt if you're uncomfortable," he says helpfully, and I nod.

I take off my sweatpants, and look down embarrassed. Aiden is trying not to stare at my private area as he undresses to his underwear.

I stare unapologetically. He is gorgeous His chiseled chest is beautiful, his almost eight pack glistening in the sun. His legs and arms are built strongly, I can see his muscles clearly. He certainly works out.

I realize what I'm doing and blush darkly, averting my eyes to stare at the lake.

I haven't swam since I was six, I hope I remember how.

Aiden leads me into the water, and I shiver at the cold that hits my ankles. Aiden smirks at me, and proceeds to pull me in deeper.

When it reaches my waist, I plunge the rest of my body in. Aiden does too, and we just relax as we get used to the temperature of the water.

"Can you swim?" Aiden asks curiously, knowing I didn't have the best childhood.

I do the 'so-so' signal with my hand, and Aiden seems to understand. "We'll take it slow, keep it simple. We won't be swimming far."

Nodding, he leads me until I can't reach the ground. I hold onto his arms to keep me afloat, and kick my feet gently. I let go of one arm to try to paddle, and soon let go of both.

I'm swimming!

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