Chapter 19

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*3rd POV*
It was chaos.

Everest stood in his place. Not a muscle dared to move ecpect his heart that was beating franticly.

Kenz quickly sprung up taking action and calling in an ambulence.

Mia was on the floor straddling Greyson calling out for him to stop shaking. She was bleeding terribly as the scotch glass struck her on the neck. Her blood was covering the soft white carpet beneath them and drenching her sweater as well.

Everest remained unmoving, Kenz recomposed himself and took a deep breath.No one was thinking straight, so he needed to be the one with the clear head making the good and reasonable actions.

He noticed his innocent girl trying to hold down Greyson and stop his frantic spasms.

"Baby baby I got you come one let go," he tried to get her off of Greyson but she was stubborn on holding him close.

She started feeling weak as the energy was draining out of her faster than her blood was. She gave into kenz's words and let go of Greyson.

"Mia baby stay with me, don't move to much, youre pushing the glass deeper baby," he grabbed her and carried her to the couch to let her rest while he dealt with Greyson.

Mia quivered scared to death, she clung to kenz and began crying when he went to put her down.

But Kenz wasn't having it, "Everest i need you to focus, help Grey while I take care of Mia, Everest please, " his voice broke.  Evrest remained unmoving watching the horror unfold infront of him. Kenzzy roughly grabbed Mia's hands from around his neck and placed her down on the couch as her shrieks grew louder.

He drowned out her screams and grabbed a pillow and put it under Greyson's head.

He stepped back unable to think because of Mia's screams.

His anger getting the best of him, he stormed in Mia's direction.

She thought he was going to hold her so she did grabby hands towards him only to be grabbed roughly by Kenz and placed over his knees.

Kenz roughly spanned her 5 times while screaming: "YOU" spank "NEED" Spank "TO" "SHUT" spank "UP" spank "SO I"spank "CAN" "FOCUS". Only for her to scream louder as her fear turned to pain.

"You ASSHOLE," raged Everest breaking out of his trance. He quickly grabbed Mia off of Kenz wrapping her around him "baby it's okay I'm sorry it's okay" he whispered into her ear.

No more than a few minutes later a group of medics pulled in the room holding a stretcher out.

They recited medical terms that left Everest and Kenz confused out of their minds. But they stayed out of it letting the doctors do their jobs.

"Sir I need you to follow us to the hospital in your car, the little girl needs medical attention" One of the paramedics stated.

Everest quickly turned his back and ran to the car Kenz following them.

Kenz unlocked the car and got into the drivers seat.

Everest sat in the back with Mia still on his lap shaking.

« Oh my baby, please take a deep breath for me, » He heard hyperventilation and thought it was Mia, but when he glanced at her she was just shaking with her mouth shut in a tight line.

Confused, he glanced at kenz to find him hyperventilating.

He was starring at his shaky bloody red hands.

Everest was pissed that he treated Mia the way he did but he knew he was scared and angry.

Everest tried to call out his name but to no avail, Kenz was stuck in a transe.

Kenz moved towards him and grabbed his jaw and roughly turned it towards him.

He stared into his eyes ready to explode with anger because Kenz was being anything but responsable.

But the sight of Kenz's tear filled eyes pushed him in another direction. He instead crashed his lips into his, and kissed him like there was no tomorrow.

"Ken, I know this is hard," he started his voice breaking "but DRIVE, we are losing Mia here please kenny,"

Kenz snapped out of his trance and started the engine.

In less than a minute, he was racing out of the drive way and to the hospital.

He kept on glancing at the mirror just to make sure Mia's chest was still rising.

Mia held Everest's thumb in her hands tightly.

Everest started to feel her grip loosen second by second and her shaking ease.

"Mia angel come on baby, Kenz hurry the FUCK UP, w-we might be losing her,"

Kenz stepped down on the gas pedal and raced through the free way.

When they reached the hospital, they quickly ran out of the car, the engine still on and the car unlocked.

The emergency doors opened and Everest screamed in authority "get me a FUCKING doctor,"

Two nurses ran to his aide and pulled Mia out of his grip.

They layed her down on a stretcher and placed their index and middle finger on her wrist.

"She's not breathing connect her to a vsn and lets find out her blood type stat, we are losing her," the nurse started yelling and pulling her away into the ICU,"

The two men ran after them and they were out in a room filled with equipment.

In less than two minutes Mia's blue and motionless body was connected to hundreds of different tubes.

He heard a faint beep sound coming from the monitor. But, it didn't last.

No more than a minute later the obnoxious sound of the flatline filled the air.

It took the two men a few seconds to register what had happened.

They began to yell at the doctors and nurses to do something.

Two large male nurses started to escort them out as they wanted to start revival methods.

Everest began to sob at the sound of the flatline and Kenz's tears fell from his eyes as he stood frozen.

After 1 minute of flatline, Everest fell to his knees and did something he has never done.

He began to talk to whatever entity could exist, the universe, god, anything out of pure helplessness "protect my little girl,  give her back to me. SAVE MY LITTLE GIRL, save my little Mia please please please!" He chocked on his words his whole body ached but his heart was destroyed. He physically felt the pain in his heart. He felt tiny and helpless, a speck of dust and even though his world as he knows it shattered around him and his life will never be the same, life goes on. The butterflies continue to flap their tiny wings, a kid someplace scratches his knee, a mother gives birth, someone just got married. The earth kept spinning along as If his pain didn't matter.

But all the medical staff knew, that it was far too late for the little girl.

She had passed.

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