Chapter 10

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Spencer's POV

The cold feeling goes all down my back, and I look to Aiden. His face is bright red, I can sense his anger from here. All the girls gasp at what happened, as I turn around to confront my bullies.

"Hi stupid runt, never thought we were going to see you again. But when I smelled your scent, I just had to pay you a visit," Maya says angrily, seemingly not happy that I'm fine.

I cower away, her Alpha power suffocating me. I go to bare my neck, but Aiden steps in front of me and defends me.

"Leave him alone you idiotic, ugly faced bitch. You don't disrespect my mate like that and get away with it," Aiden spits at her, reaching behind him to grab my hand.

"Oh, so the little runt is also a fag too? This is too good to be true. Lets go inform the pack of the news, that the rogue is perfectly fine and needs to be taken care of," Maya says as she walks away, leaving me in shock. She can't tell the pack, they'll want me dead! They hate me!

I run off and find a bathroom close by, locking myself in there. I hear a knock on the door, and I just whimper.

Aiden's voice fills my ears, "Please, love. Let me in."

I unlock the door and open it, looking up at him with tear filled eyes, my cheeks already wet from the tears.

Aiden envelopes me into a hug, squeezing tight and making me feel safe. He whispers sweet nothings into my ear, trying to make me feel better. I'm soaking wet and sad, yet Aiden makes me feel like everything is okay.

Aiden pulls away and wipes away the stray tears on my cheek. "Little mate, you are going to go out there with your head held high. You won't let this get you down, because you are so strong."

I nod determinedly. Aiden hands me a new shirt, one that we bought from Hollister. I take off the tag and put it on, glad that I'm no longer wearing a wet piece of clothing.

I make sure my face is dry, and run my hands through my wet, light blonde hair. Pretending like nothing happened, Aiden and I walk out of the bathroom hand in hand.

We head home straight away, no longer feeling like shopping. All the girls give me sympathetic gazes. I smile at them, reassuring them that I'm okay.

We reach home and I immediately go upstairs to our bedroom. I almost have an anxiety attack while walking up the stairs, but Aiden's hand in mine calms me down slightly.

We arrive at the bedroom and I break away from Aiden to start pacing the room. I'm breathing heavy, my chest hurting. My heart feels like it's going to beat out of my chest.

They know! They know where I am, and that I'm okay. Bad things are going to happen and they are going to happen soon.

Aiden tries to talk to me and tell me to calm down, but I just get even more worked up. What are they going to do to Aiden? The only person I love?

Finally having enough of standing around and watching me hyperventilate, Aiden jumps on me and wraps me in his large arms. I cuddle into his chest, trying to calm my breathing. It's easier when he's close, I feel safe and secure when he's holding me.

Aiden whispers, "Everything's going to be okay, love. I can protect you."

I nod, finally calming down. I just want to stay wrapped up in his arms forever, maybe then I will truly be safe.

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