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Third Person POV
Life is like two cars driving through an intersection at the same time. Both of the people driving the cars think that their path across this intersection is clear, until they crash. We move through life, thinking that our road to our end goal is clear, until something knocks us right off of our road.

Nicolette walked into the pack house, greeted with bows from the pack members. Her hand covered the side of her neck, forgetting that Malcom's mark lay on it. She walked through the pack house quickly, tying to avoid everyone.

She wandered through the vast, empty halls of the pack house, eventually getting lost. Nicolette brought her demon out slightly and found the faint trail of Malcom's scent. It was a short way to his office but as she got closer, she smelt another she-wolf's scent intertwined with his.

The scent was familiar but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She didn't think much of it until she heard shouting coming from inside his office.

"Her? You left me for that bitch?" A voice screamed from inside, directed to Malcom. Nicolette eyes widened as she mumbled a spell quickly. Her body disappeared from the world but not like a cover over her, her body became ghost like.

Nicolette stepped through the door and saw Malcom, furious, and a familiar she-wold, Morgan. It was an invasion of privacy to watch their conversation without their knowing but it wasn't like Nicolette could already hear it from outside.

"Of course I left you for her," he growls back. His wolf was getting agitated, his eyes flashing golden. Morgan scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Now you're going to tell me that you love her," she yells at him and throws her arms into the air. He stayed silent for a few second. "Oh. My. Gods. You fell in love with her."

He clenched his jaw and looked away from Morgan's glare. Nicolette's heart fluttered. He loved her. He told someone else and just her.

"Of course I'm going to love my mate," he finally said. The talk of her caused his eyes to soften and his tone to be come quieter. "You were never going to be Queen Luna."

Her eyes became flashed black and stayed black. "What about the plan?" Malcom stared at her like he brought up a lost memory. "You know the plan where you make her fall in love with you, finish the mate bond. Then you take her power and make yourself strong. Then make me Queen Luna."

Nicolette stared at his face dumbfounded. Her heart ached as she heard Morgan speak those words. He used her for her power. The crap he was spewing out about him loving her was bullshit.

Morgan smirked as he didn't say anymore and he grabbed his face and smashed her lips onto his and he kissed back. Nicolette covered her mouth as she muffled the screams of pain.

Because Malcom marked Nicolette, the pain of when he was not loyal was unbearable. A gasp of air was heard from Nicolette as she fell down to the ground.

Malcom pulled away and looked toward the noise and backed away from Morgan. Nicolette didn't realize that the spell she casted wasn't working anymore.

"Nicolette," he breathed as he started to walk to her. Nicolette let out a growl. Her breathing was hard and she struggled to stand up.

"Stop," she said. She pushed herself up using the wall as support. "Is what she said true?"

"You were listening on the conversation?" He said, sounding annoyed. She shot a glare at him.

"Oh I'm sorry if you felt that I intruded on your privacy but at least I was at home crying in pain with the thought you were cheating. At least I know," she snapped. "I asked you a question." His eyes shifted to her and she let out a growl.

She looked at her hand and saw that the scar on her hand was gone. Nicolette was no longer bound to these lands. The idea of rejection was debated but it would only work if he accepted it.

"Stay here with her, make her Queen Luna. I'm leaving," Nicolette snarled at him. Before she could hear any sort of reaction from him, she used her vampire speed to run out of his house.

Nicolette ran into the forest, her body aching from minutes before, and shifted into her wolf. Her wolf didn't fight for control over her body. She stayed quiet and hid.

The edge of pack territory was coming closer until she heard running behind her. It wasn't Malcom because the scent wasn't his. She heard the footsteps speed up until she saw a wolf jump up in front of her.

"Get out of my way Lucas," Nicolette growled through the link. His golden eyes pierced hers with a look of hurt.

"You can't leave yet. You have a day left in our deal," he snapped back. Nicolette let out a wolf like laugh. Every step she took to the left or right, Lucas would match the movements.

"Our deal is over Lucas. Malcom broke the rules and I only play by the rules," she said back. Nicolette made the decision to shift back. She shifted back with all of her clothes on thanks to a spell. Lucas shifted back not caring about his indecency. Nicolette mumbled the spell a

"Spen-cy-nid," Nicolette mumbled. The glass bottle that previously had her blood in it was now in her hand. "There's no blood in here. There is nothing tying me to this land. My scar has disappeared. I'm leaving."

She used her vampire speed to run past Lucas but she could see that she was gonna do that from miles away. He pounced at her and tackled her onto the ground.

"What did he do?" He growled into her face. Nicolette bared her canines to him and tried shoving him off of her but his eyes became black with rage and slammed her back down.

Nicolette growled louder and slammed her hands onto the sides of his head.
Nicolette and Lucas were sucked into her memory and she was brought back to the horrid scene. She looked at the apparition of her invisible body step through the door and watched it unfold again.

"What is this?" Lucas says looking around the room. They were in the room yet they weren't. "I don't see anything happening."

Nicolette waved her hand across the room and it
started to spin until it stopped at the part where Morgan kissed Malcom, and he kissed back.

"I'm leaving and you have no good reason to stop me."
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