Chapter 13

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Spencer's POV

We head home, me still in awe at the truck. Everything changes when a strangely familiar girl stumbles out of the forest and into the road, right in front of the moving truck.

Aiden slams on the breaks, barely missing the girls body.

Wanting to help, I hop out of the truck, and approach the girl slowly. Aiden yells to me to come back, that it might not be safe, but I do it anyway.

The girl looks almost dead, her body looking torn up and beaten. I glance at her face to see pale brown eyes that remind me of one girl.

"Ava?" I ask, gasping at the girl that has saved my life too many times to count.

She runs into my open arms, limping the whole way. I support her body that is about to collapse, holding my only friend up.

She pulls away from the hug, looking into my eyes and says, "I came to warn you. They are after you. They said they would hurt you a lot worse than they hurt me, before this war is over."

"That doesn't matter, lets get you safe and healed," I say, the longest sentence I've spoke in a long time.

"Spencer, how do you know this girl?" Aiden finally approaches, and asks with a look of confusion on his face.

"I'm Ava, this silly boys best friend," Ava says with a pained smirk. I walk her to the truck and she climbs in with a struggle. Aiden and I hop in and he starts driving, rushing to get Ava to the pack doctor. She looks to be on the verge of passing out, blood coating her entire body.

Aiden carries her to the pack hospital, and we are rushed to a room. We can't go inside so we head outside of the room, going to the waiting room to wait and see how she is doing.

Aiden mindlinks his parents to talk about what happened. They arrive, and quickly we dive into the conversation.

"This girl named Ava came from the Red Claw Pack, beaten within and inch of her life. She came with a warning," Aiden starts off, holding my hand and squeezing it tightly.

"What was the warning? Is Ava okay?" Lilly asks, sadness in her tone.

"They said they would hurt Spencer more than they hurt Ava, before the war is over. They are blatantly targeting him. He isn't safe at school anymore," Aiden informs, pulling me closer to him.

Jaxson makes a decision, "Spencer will no longer be going to school. He will complete his school online."

I nod, not minding this change. I hated being around people from my old pack, it brought out my anxiety even more.

The doctor, Lana, comes back with news. "Ava has multiple broken ribs, and she has a concussion. She was hit hard in the head when she was getting beaten. She also has lacerations all over her body. She will take a while to heal but she can go home with you guys."

We all nod, happy that she will be okay.

All of us go in to talk to her. Ava is laying on the bed, more conscious than she was before. Her face lights up when she sees me and beckons me over. I smile at her and give her another hug.

Ava is the only person I've been comfortable enough to talk to, other than Aiden and his family. I used to speak freely around her, but she was forbidden to see me after she saved me for the fifth time. Maya got sick of her standing up for me so she got the Alpha to alpha command Ava to not talk to me again. That didn't stop her from helping get me patched up after beatings.

The Alpha command must have been broke when she crossed pack lines.

"How are you feeling?" I ask, Aiden and his parents shocked that I spoke so easily.

"Better, just had to get the cuts wrapped up. No big deal, I'm just glad that I got to see you. The alpha is really mad at you for setting the Royal Pack on them." I nod along, humming. That's a pretty good reason to be mad at me, but then again they are the ones that kicked me out wrongfully.

"Did they say anything else regarding Spencer?" Jaxson asks, curious to see if Ava heard anything else about me.

"Just that when they find them they will torture him then kill him... I think that's about it."

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