Chapter 14

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Spencer's POV

Ava and I are going to be introduced to the pack today. I've never been in front of that many people, I'm so nervous. My heart is beating out of my chest and I'm sweating profusely.

Ava seems to be calm. She is meeting some of Aiden's friends soon to get her accustomed to meeting new people.

Speaking of which, Aiden is just arriving with his friends. In walks Eden, Cory, and Miller, walking in after Aiden steps through the door. Aiden walks over to me, hugging me from behind. I'm shocked when I hear Eden yell, "Mate!"

I look to Eden and Ava in shock, surprised my best friend is also gay. Ava looks down, embarrassed. Eden walks up to her, lifts her chin up and says, "Hello, sweet mate. What's your name?"

Ava blushes even redder than she had before, and replies with a quiet, "Ava."

Eden looks her over and sees all the bandages wrapped on her body. Eden looks up into her eyes quickly and asks, "Who hurt you? Who do I have to kill?"

Ava tried to calm her down, "Don't worry, it's basically just a bunch of scratches and a few broken bones. I'll be fine."

She doesn't help much, and knowing Edens serious yet sarcastic demeanor, she says sarcastically, "Oh just a few broken bones? That's practically nothing, right?"

Ava, not catching onto the sarcasm, nods her head quickly. "Exactly."

Aiden breaks into the conversation, try to ease the tension rolling off of Eden. "Okay I'm glad you met and all, but we have to introduce you guys to the pack! Lets get going."

Eden grabs Ava's hand tightly and pulls her close. We all walk onto the stage, everyone standing in their respective positions based on rank. Aiden is standing beside his parents, with me beside him.

I look out into the crowd of over 900 people, and my anxiety is through the roof. So many people could be judging me right now, I can't handle it. I feel my breathing start to speed up, but before I can get far into my panic attack, Aiden pulls me into his chest. This makes me blush, embarrassed he did that in front of everyone, even though it was needed.

Jaxson starts off the introduction, "Hello Royal Eclipse members, we have two important people to introduce to you today. They both came from Red Claw Pack, and are here because they were mistreated there."

I'm glad he didn't say that I was kicked out, that reminder would bring back too many memories I'm trying to hide.

"First we have Ava, she came here in a bad state, her pack having beaten her. She was sent to send a message, to threaten our second new pack member. Spencer, my son Aiden's mate. The Red Claw Pack is targeting him, trying to kill him. We must protect the future Luna, and keep him safe," Jaxson finishes. "Welcome your new members, Ava and Spencer!"

Everyone cheers, and makes me hide into Aiden's chest, embarrassed. Everyone says a loud, "Awww," embarrassing me further.

We head off the stage, and I see Eden and Ava glued to each other's hip. They are perfect for each other.

Aiden's brings me back up to our room, and we get ready for bed. Climbing into the comfortable bed, I feel Aiden pull me into his chest. I cuddle into him, reveling in the feeling.

I couldn't ask for a better mate.

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