Chapter 15

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Spencer's POV

Aiden has another surprise for me today. He is full of surprises, always keeping me guessing.

It's 6:00 p.m., and we are heading to his big black truck, all dressed up for the date. He said to wear something casual, and easy to move in... whatever that means.

He said he didn't want this to be super formal, so when we pulled up to a small diner in the heart of town, I understood the casual clothing. We hop out of the truck, and make our way in. We sit at a booth near the window, me liking to zone out and watch people walk by.

I order a hotdog and fries, while Aiden orders a large bacon cheeseburger. We both get waters to drink. I don't like soda, but I haven't had the luxury of having it since I was a child.

We eat, Aiden occasionally talking about himself or his life. He tries to ask questions about me, but I refuse to respond, not wanting to talk with all these people here.

After dinner, we walk to an ice cream shop and decide to get some. I smile up at the sign with joy, loving ice cream. Ice cream has always been my favorite food, nothing could beat it. The cold, creamy ice cream with flavor that bursts in your mouth. It's delightful.

We walk into the homey ice cream shop. "What would you like to eat? I'm getting the double chocolate fudge," Aiden says this while drooling at all the flavors.

I point to chocolate chip cookie dough, loving the mix of vanilla ice cream with the cookie dough.

Aiden nods and orders for us, the big man who takes our order is very sweet. He smiles at me when he hands me my cup of ice cream.

After paying, we take the ice cream and walk around the town. I see people walking around with their families, wishing I still had something like that. Aiden's family has been so accepting of me, they make me feel like I truly belong. They are my family now.

We make our way back to the truck that's parked outside the diner. We hop in, Aiden saying we have one more destination on this date.

He drives back towards the pack house, but makes a detour. He turns down a barren street that seems to lead to the mountain in the distance.

We arrive at the bottom of the mountain trail, and soon start our hike. We hold hands and take in the view of the town far in the distance, us away from all humans. I'm glad he brought me to somewhere remote, all those people were stressing me out. I can speak freely here, feeling comfortable enough to.

We continue up the mountain, and I say, "This is beautiful," looking over at the view. It's truly breathtaking.

"Yes it is," Aiden says, looking at me. I smile at him and make the decision to lean in. This will be my first kiss, I've never remotely touched anyone like this before.

Aiden sees what I'm doing, and also leans in. My eyes flutter closed and our lips collide. His soft lips meet my own, sparks flying. The tingles erupt from our lips and travel down my entire body. It's the most magical thing I've ever experienced.

I pull away to breathe, panting. Aiden continues kissing me, moving down my neck and kissing where his mark will lay. I shiver with pleasure, enjoying what he is doing.

I grab his hair and pull his face back up to mine, wanting my lips to be on his again. Aiden smirks at me and we kiss again, the passion never leaving. Aiden's tongue grazes my bottom lip, and I gasp in surprise. He takes this opportunity to shove his tongue into my mouth, and starts exploring.

I moan at the sensations he's making me feel, the feeling of his slick tongue in my mouth is so good.

We both pull away, breathing heavy. I look into his eyes, and peck his lips one more time.

Tonight couldn't have gone any better.

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