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This word really ignite something in me cause for the past 6 years our life changed.

I can say that me myself change too.
For the better and for the best.

My Mom is just as lovely well she would not want me to call her that so I think she is still as astute and savaged from the past 6 whole years.

That day in the hospital really changed our life. And I guess I'm thankful to my biological father who is still in a mental rehabilitation facility somewhere. But we still received a notice about his whereabouts or how is he doing.
He is still not cured though, from his mental illness.

Mom did not mention what illness it is so I did not bother to ask her further as I know that it will pain her again.

But now, I don't want to ruin my day.
As it is the day she brought me in this world. 12 years ago. Huh, men I think I'm old now.

Though it is kind of not special day for me cause I'm not really the kind to celebrate something even if it is Christmas I will just quietly watch that special day as it ends. Pretty boring life I've got.I

But I will not heed a concern about how boring and dull my life activities are because my FBFF or what she calls herself my freaking best friend forever like what the hell. Where did she get that stupid title to herself. Well she is not my Kelly if she has not done something stupid for me but cool for her.

Anyways, this day is kinda getting boring as I'm here in my bed still napping like a cat while the sun is shining oh so brightly outside the window.

I honestly don't want to wake my lazy butt. Unfortunate I must because as I said it's my 12th birthday right now.
In which I can't feel cause where is my freaking cake. Okay, the thing is I kinda have an obsession with a chocolate cake. Just anything that is chocolate and a cake.

I finally drag myself out of bed which I may add lazily. Then do my usual morning rituals that helps me to freshen up. I'm hoping that this day will end up peaceful as sleeping beauty.

Come to think of it why there are no noise in the whole house. Meaning I'm just going to be alone and that means peaceful in my vocabulary so this made me jump in the stairs exitedly.
I was whistling some random song while skimming through the kitchen cabinets looking for something to eat cause I'm hungry as hell.

While eating peacefully there a sudden creaking noise I heard from my back that makes my body shivered. So I slowly turn and to my relief it's just a music box.

Wait, Music Box? whatever will I do with that thing. Whatever again and with that I continue my eating and left the kitchen as I'm full and satisfied.

This is strange really. Our house looks like it is some haunted house because it is very quiet. As in very quiet. I can almost hear just my own breathing.

Peacefulness is just too much with my day. And none of this is entertaining me anymore wait a minute in the first place my Mom would not just leave me here all by myself not at least without a letter or note that she will be leaving.

Psh. I can really be a noob sometimes.

And then suddenly I heard sudden footstep towards me but before I can even turn to face the who ever is this.
He or she successfully blindfolded me.

Who the freaking heck is this person?
a pervert perhaps. No it must be a robber. But if they are really why are they treating me gently.

"May I ask, why did you suddenly blindfolded me?"

"I wonder"

It's Aunt Flor? she is the closest friend of my Mom ever since that incident happened but if I recall Mom and her were acquainted before Mom had me.

"Seriously? why are you here Auntie Dear"

"Cassie dear don't you want me here anymore?"

"you really love teasing me huh but to answer you question of not you are more than welcome if you just remove this freaking blindfold off me"

"you really are the daughter of your mother, impatient as hell"


Then we enter some door and I think were outside the house.

Then she finally get the freaking blindfold that cause me to squint my eyes because of the sudden light. I blinked my eyes a few times before my sight adjusted to what is happening in front of me.

The enormous balloon that have my 12 years age. I see so they are surprising me for my special day.
Even Kelly is there um eating? with a gummy smile on her face. I swear this girl never gonna change.

Can this day get any better cause I'm seeing a looking delicious chocolate cake.

But mostly what tugs at my heart and made me smile is my Mom that is nearing me with a warm smile on her face.

"Happy birthday Cassey this is supposedly to be a surprised party for you but Flor here spoil everything"

"Nah, it's fine Mom"

She just smiled again then hug me tightly. Wow sometimes I still can't get used to her affection. I returned her hug too and smiled.

We are finally happy.

Heya! guys epilogue is next and this is the end of chapter 21 which is special for me. Cause this character of mine is based on BLACKPINK Rosè.
And it is her birthday yesterday so she and Cassey have the same BD.
Anyways Happiest Birthday again Rosiee.
And I thank you always guys for still supporting this story until the end thank you!!

                                      -with love, lislyn

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