Chapter 17

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Spencer's POV

One of my favorite things is walking through the woods, alone. I loved it back at my old pack and I love it here too.

I snuck out of the pack house to go on a walk in the forest. It's sunrise, so a few people were out there. I waved to them shyly, and they gave me bright smiles back. Everyone here is so nice, they have welcomed me with open arms.

Enjoying the morning air and hearing the scattering of squirrels, I walk through the peaceful woods. The slight cool breeze brushes over my face gently, making me feel refreshed. It's a beautiful morning.

I get pretty deep into the forest. Deciding it'd be a good idea to turn around, I start the journey back home. Suddenly, I stop in my tracks when I hear a twig snap. I feel the eyes of someone staring straight at my head.

I turn around slowly, wanting to find out who this person was. No one would be out at this time of morning except for patrol.

Turning around, I come face to face with Maya and Mark. They are always together, never seen apart.

"Hey, mute freak, still a fag?" Maya asks angrily, seemingly not happy with me.

I don't respond, she makes me feel scared and I can't bring myself to speak when I'm scared.

"What? No response?" Mark teases, trying to get under my skin.

I pivot on my toes and head back home. I'm not dealing with them today. How did they even get on our territory?

"Pay attention when I talk to you, freak. You can't just walk away from me!" Maya yells at me. I continue walking until I feel a hand on my wrist, grabbing and pulling me back.

I face Maya and give her death glare, not happy that she stopped me mid walk.

She laughs in my face, cackling as she says, "You're pathetic! Was that glare supposed to scare me?"

I roll my eyes and try to get my arm out of her grasp. It's seems to be impossible, when I tug she tightens her hold. I'm sure I'll have a bruise from her grip.

Maya pulls me forwards, and I stumble. With one move, she takes her other arm and lands a hard punch to my face. Mark jumps in on the action, kicking at my stomach painfully. Still holding onto my wrist, she squeezed until the bone breaks under the pressure.

They continue torturing me, kicking my already bruised ribs. They soon start kicking at my head, I can feel blood running down my face, getting in my eyes.

I'm cradling my arm to my chest, trying to protect it. It hurts so bad, tears are streaming down my face. I can't take this anymore, but I can't mindlink anyone because I'm not a part of the pack yet. If I was marked then maybe I would be able to avoid all this pain.

It seems to never end, the pain continuing. Hit after hit, kick after kick. I can no longer feel each attack, I feel like I'm watching this happen to me, not living it. It's an out of body experience, I feel numb.

All I remember is the numb feeling, and then exploding pain in my head, before I black out.

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