Chapter 37

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"I cannot have another disaster. Seriously." Bree yelled at her crew in the kitchen. 

Which was pretty serious becaise level headed Bree never lost her calm. Ever. Rosa's wedding was five days away and she was prepping for the final stages of her menu with Claire. 

"This is the worst time ever that Kat had to fall sick." Claire whined.

"Hey, at least she's got her crew settled with their jobs. Look at us. We're a mess." Bree said loudly, dissatisfied at everyone's performance.

"We'll get there. Stop taking it out on them. You're gonna ruin everything yourself." Claire snapped back.

"You're right. You're right. I'm sorry. I'll just take a break and head over to our place to drop off some food for Kat." Bree took off her apron and scooped the packed lunch that sat on the counter top.

"Yea you do that. Go get laid too. You're wound up so tight." Bree smacked Claire for saying that.

They had to rent out an apartment in the Hamptons to start working on everything instead of travelling up and down from the city. 

Kat had got sick from the pressure of handling everything. Bree and Claire were surprised she wasn't dead yet. 

"Crap, I'm sorry. My mind was wandering." Bree said when she bumped head into a solid chest. 

Looking up, she realised it was Talen. "You're good Bree. Do you know where I can find Kat?" 

Bree understood why Kat loved Talen's eyes so much. They just pulled you in and made you lose sense of thought. That's why she told him "Oh yea, she's at our apartment we're renting. She's not feeling well, so I'm bringing her lunch." 

The instant she said that, she knew Kat was gonna kill her. "Would you mind if I dropped it of for her instead? I'm sure you'd want to go see Ryan?" 

"Talen, I'm sorry. But I know you guys aren't really in good terms right now." she said firmly, snapping out of that trance she slipped into.

"Yes, you're right. But do you really think she's happy? Let me tell you, I'm fucked up without her. I lost the only person who cared enough about me. Please Bree. You're the most level headed person I know. You tell me if this-- us being apart is right." he begged at this point, not caring the slightest bit.

"We never had this conversation. I never met you." she handed him the bag and told him the address and booked it out of the car park before anyone had the chance to see what she had done.

Talen drove to the address Bree had given, and prayed this would work.

"No you cannot send me the flowers that late. Are you kidding me right now? I will not accept crappy service like this. The wedding is in the morning at 10, I need the flowers to be up the day before, in the morning, NOT in the evening." Kat nearly popped a nerve on her head.

She was sat on the couch with papers all around her, and a soft down blanket was on her lap, keeping her warm.

"You bet your sorry ass it'll be here. Otherwise I'm not paying for anything and I want the deposit back." she saif and hung the phone.

Eyeing the clock on the wall, she waited patiently for Bree to come back with her food. Right at that moment, the door bell rang.

"Go awayyyy." She moaned.

The door bell rang again. "Who the hell is it." she grumbled as she got out of her comfy burrito wrapped position and headed to the door. 

Swinging the door open, her breath caught in her throat. Talen stood there, looking delicious as ever in a dark blue suit and a pair of Ray Bans over his eyes.

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