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"Just kiss me"

He pressed his lips against mine , slowly and gently . He knew I liked the slow kisses . Our kiss eventually turned into a make out . Ace's tongue brushed against mine as we moved in sync with each other. We knew all of each other and I think that when we fight , we forget no one will ever love each other as much as we do .

He broke the kiss , wiping away my tears that were still falling . "Do you want to watch a movie" Ace spoke after clearing his throat . I nodded slightly while staring blankly at the blood on the floor . My brothers blood . I had forgotten that his blood was still on my hands .

Ace's touch couldn't heal the pain in my heart this time , because he didn't cause it. "Maybe we should do this in your room" he whispered in my ear , pressing his forehead against the side of my head , I loved when he did that . I nodded gently in response , not wanting to speak . Without hesitation , he lifted me into his arms . "I can walk" I croaked quietly. "I know" he shrugged still not putting me down until we reached my bed . He noticed the blood on my hands .

"Ok let's wash that off" he glanced worriedly before bringing me into the bathroom . Currently I could feel nothing , I have never felt this numb before . I had a headache from crying and my eyes were all red , not to mention my tear stained cheeks that were also a rosey red from being so overwhelmed .

I didn't even glance in the mirror after that . Ace noticed that I was just staring at my hands . He turned on the hot water and grabbed my hands with his , putting my hands under the hot water . I watched as the blood turned the clear water a light reddish colour with Ace's soft gaze on my hands . He was so concentrated on getting the blood off my hands that he didn't even notice I was gawking at him with absolute love . He grabbed the towel , drying my hands with it while I had a placid expression planted on my face.

I was tired and extremely upset . "Can we go to bed now" I whimpered almost crying again . "Yeah" he stroked my cheek gently , grabbing my hand and leading me to my bed . He ran into his room and came back with one of his few jersey's in his hand . I gave him an sad expression as he approached me . He grabbed the hem of the jumper and lifted it over my head , pulling it off me . "I keep getting blood on your clothes" I sniffled with a pout . "I keep telling you , these are replaceable but you aren't , nothing could replace you" he sighed just before pecking my forehead and scrunching his jumper into a ball , throwing it into the laundry basket behind him . I still had one of his shirts on underneath the jumper .

"You want to take that off ?" he questioned me . "I don't have a bra on underneath" I mumbled softly while giving him an innocent look . He just gave me a confused face. "I know" he shrugged . "I have seen your boobs already" he couldn't help but smirk at his sentence . I rolled my eyes before taking off my shirt . Ace took his jersey and put it over my head , letting it hang from my shoulders after I put my arms through the massive sleeves that were cut short . It was so big on me yet it fit Ace perfectly .

Ace turned on a movie and grabbed his journal from his bedroom. He never leaves that thing alone , it's like his most prized possession .

I lay on Ace's chest with our legs intertwined , scrambled in a big mess . I listened to the beat of his heart and the grumble of his stomach . His heart beat was so constant and rhythmic , it made me feel at peace and soothed my pain ever so slightly. I know that killing my brother was wrong but I would kill him again if he tried to take Ace from me . He's the only one who understands my past , he's the only one who stood up to my past and put an end to it . He stopped my demons from getting me and I'll love him forever because of it .

Ace was jotting down things in his journal as usual while I traced the outline of his abs with my finger . "I don't want you to go to school tomorrow" Ace expressed his concern while writing . How could he talk and write at the same time ? I find that so confusing. "I have to go , my principal gave me a warning and told me that if I miss anymore days I won't be allowed back to graduate" I whined , pulling myself closer to him with my arm . He had a crease in his eyebrows while writing which made me curious about what he was scribbling in there .

"You're principal won't say that to me" He scoffed angrily while continuing to write . "It's okay , I'll go in anyways , it's pretty easy since I can just sleep if I want to" I couldn't stop the crack in my voice . I hated being upset but I couldn't stop it . Whenever I'm happy , something ruins it without hesitation. Not even Ace could make my pout turn into a smile .

He didn't like hearing the crack in my voice , I knew this because he cringed softly at the sound . "You shouldn't go in Sof" he put on a warning tone but I wasn't able to miss another day of school . I should just drop out . Something always seems to get in the way of school and if I don't want to be in the house , I can go to the mall and shop for clothes . Maybe it would be for the best , I mean .... Ace is rich so I don't have to go to school and get a job but I don't want to take my education for granted . I don't want to waste it but I guess I can always go back if I want to .

After being silent for a moment, I spoke up . "I think I'm going to drop out" I let the words fall out of my mouth along with the weight on my shoulders . "Are you sure" Ace asked with a surprised tone . "Yeah , I may aswell give it to someone who will actually go to school" I shrugged , closing my eyes tight , struggling not to cry again . I was in so much pain . I wasn't upset because I killed my cruel brother , I'm upset because I killed the older brother I thought I'd always look up to , the brother who would guide me through life with ease and care but I was naive to think that of him . I'm upset because I feel like he was still the same 15 year old boy .

I shut my eyes tight , holding onto Ace who was the only thing I have and will ever truly love . I won't allow anyone to take him away .

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