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I COULD FEEL something wet and lukewarm running across my forehead

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I COULD FEEL something wet and lukewarm running across my forehead. I scrunch my nose up at the unfamiliar feeling and I slowly wake up. I feel it instantly still across my face. 

I blink my eyes open, seeing Chase knelt down next to the sofa I was laid across, his hand holding a wet cloth that was pressed against my skin.

"Shit!" I scream in fright.

"Fuck!" Chase replies, just as frightened, as he flinches back and sits on his heels, "The hell is wrong with you?"

"Has it occurred to you that your face is terrifying? Especially when it's all one can see when one is waking up." I groan as I push up onto my elbows, glaring at him.

 I then glance at the armchair at the end of the sofa to see Penn throwing her legs over the armchair and pushes the blanket from her lap. She places her thick book onto the coffee table. She then stands and fixes the waist band of her cotton shorts, "I'll get you a glass of water." 

And in that moment, David walks in from outside as he hangs up a call he was obviously taking. 

"What happened? How did we end up here?" I question to both of them as I notice the dim golden lights of the living room and the pitch black sky outside. 

"You passed out at the restaurant." Chase explains as he continues to kneel in front of the sofa. I push my self up and fold them underneath me as I lean back against soft sofa cushions, "After you saw the news report on the flat screen." 

"You had an extreme reaction to you panic attack." David explains as he slowly walks into the living room, "Although fainting as a result of a panic episode is rare, it's not impossible.  I'm just glad you didn't hit your head." 

I scoff, "A damn miracle" 

"How are you feeling?" Chase questions from below

"Dizzy, tired..." I mumble as Penn places a glass of water and one of the cupcakes we had successfully baked the night before. The icing and decoration was a downright train wreck with various colours of sprinkles and neon green icing that looked very watery. "....and fucking hungry." 

Everyone chuckles as Penn takes her seat back on the arm chair and I take a massive bite out of the cupcake. I glance around the dimly lit room, noticing we were the only ones. 

I frown as I question, "Where is everyone?"

"They tried waiting up for you but decided to hit the sack." David answers as he folds his arms. I glance at him curiously as he realises what I was confused about, "Hayden, it's just after two in the morning. You've been out for six hours." 

"Holy fuck!"  I gasp with a mouthful of cupcake so it came out more garbled and  a whole lot less coherent than I was planning on. I swallow, "Shit, sorry." 

"We've been on the phone with our lawyers since we left the restaurant." Chase explains as I once again get lost in his hazel eyes. I nervously begin playing with the blanket on my lap, "They had know idea that fucker and his legal team were doing this. Our lawyers found out pretty much the same time you did." 

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