Chapter 23

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Spencer's POV

Breakfast with Aiden's family is different. As we walk into the room, I don't have the urge to submit to everyone. I feel like I have almost equal power to his parents, like we are close to the same rank.

I look to Aiden in question, him not understanding. I go up to his ear and whisper, "Why do I not feel like submitting to your parents like I usually do?"

He looks to me with realization, and a grin sits upon his face. "When I marked you, you were partially blessed by the Moon Goddess. You will be fully blessed when we finish the mating process."

Blushing, Aiden and I continue on to the table to eat. I grab a plate and get myself an omelette and a biscuit, putting jelly on it.

I sit down and all the family members surround me. Nadia is the first to say something, "He marked you?!"

Lilly starts jumping up and down with joy, "My babies are all grown up! I can't believe this. They grow up so fast." She wipes away a fake tear, looking to Jaxson to see his reaction.

Jaxson's face is still full of shock, not believing that his son marked me. "You really did it? Wow..." Is all he can say.

I try to carry on eating, wanting to get the attention off of me.

"Yes I marked him. But the important thing we need to talk about is how my birthday is next week," Aiden points out. I gasp in shock. He never told me when his birthday was!

"We are passing down the Alpha title to you. This is a big deal!" Lilly starts, "We are going to have a huge party, and the ceremony will be amazing and so professional! I can't wait!"

Jaxson laughs at his mate's excitement, and Aiden starts shaking his head. "I don't want it to be big, I just want it to be low-key."

"Can't promise anything!" Nadia chimes in.

I just keep eating my food, smiling at the family. They are so entertaining to watch!

Aiden looks to me and asks, "Why are you smiling, cutie?"

Nadia groans, "Keep your nicknames away from breakfast. I'm trying to eat, you're going to make me sick."

I laugh at that and explain, "You guys are an entertaining bunch."

Aiden nods his head, accepting my answer. "My family is not entertaining, it's crazy. But whatever works for you," he shrugs with a smirk as Lilly sends him a glare.

I smile at everyone. I'm finally a part of a family.

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