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2 weeks had passed and I was finally feeling better about the whole situation. Of course it took a lot of reassurance from Ace to realise that I wasn't a monster or that I wasn't like my father , not to mention the sleepless nights and the nights he had to stay up , cradling me in his arms because I couldn't stop crying . I can't believe he wasn't tired of me yet , if anything, he's been  quite clingy which I find adorable.

I reached over to the side of our bed and grabbed my phone after glancing at the pile of plates , stacked on my bedside table . Ace had been cooking food and bringing it up to me in hopes that I would eat it , but he knows I don't eat breakfast and since I was sad , I wasn't really in the mood to eat , so a lot of the time he would end up eating it instead of me .

Ace had left his journal on his locker , he never leaves that thing out . He probably wants me to read it but I'm not going to , I won't ever touch his journal, it would be too invasive and rude of me to do . But if he ever let me , I think maybe I would . Just to see how his mind works . I mean , I know how it works but sometimes he does things I can't predict , for example at the ball when he saved my life , that's the day I'd love to read .

"How are you feeling?" Ace wandered in with a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. "I feel okay" I gave him a slight smile . He had been asking me everyday since Raul's death .

"So what did you do with his body ?" I questioned him , wrapping my cold hands around the warm cup before taking a sip. "I had to send them back the body" he uttered making my heart drop . "Oh" I said with a sad tone before taking another sip . "They would've known he was dead anyways if he didn't return from a mission in less then 24 hours" Ace tried to put my mind at ease but it only made the guilt in my chest grow . "Can I have my knife back ?" I muttered gloomily . "Yeah , of course" he nodded .

I know that he's not the best at consoling people since he was taught only how to hurt and destroy, but he was trying and I appreciated it. I have to understand that he's still learning how to love and heal, whether he admits it or not.

"What do you want to eat before I go to work?" He asked while staring at the tv . "No don't goooo" I shrieked , jumping into his arms on the bed . He let out laugh before I sat on his lap . "You're not allowed leave" I uttered quietly, snuggling into him and playing with the strings of his jumper . He didn't say anything , instead he just kissed my cheek repeatedly making me giggle . "I can't believe you're still wearing my jersey , you must like it" he grinned proudly at his clothes on my body.

"Yeah I do" I didn't notice if I'm being honest . "You can have it back if you want" I shrugged carelessly. Ace gave me a shocked look , letting his jaw drop slightly . "Do you know how many girls would kill to have that jersey ?" He flipped up so that he was on top , dominating me . "No" I whimpered with a smile . "Have you forgotten you're dating the one and only Ace Hernandez" He growled playfully while his face inches closer to mine before pretending to bite my neck . I shrieked and giggled uncontrollably as I tried to push him away but he was too strong . He stopped and blinked at me a few times .

"I missed that laugh" he mumbled, his lips inches from mine . "You want to know a secret" I whispered after I lifted my head up so that my lips were next to his ear . He nodded slightly. "When we kiss on the bed , I get dirty thoughts too" I spoke with a hushed tone . I saw him bite his lip , trying to hide that he was turned on .

"I have to go to work" he snarled angrily at the thought . "Guess you will have to wait until you get home then" I smirked evilly knowing it would be torture for him . He shut his eyes and let out a sigh . "Okay I'm going to work before I can't contain myself" he warned me as I let out a giggle . He shot an evil scowl my way making my giggle stop . I knew that when I giggled at him , it turned him on but also made him angry , which are two combinations that don't go together with Ace unless I want to be destroyed.

"Okay okay go to work , the sooner you leave , the sooner you'll get back" I smirked at him . He growled slamming the door on his way out . He gets so frustrated when he's horny , not to mention angry .


It was about 8pm and Ace still wasn't home yet . "You're so eager for him to come home" Ice muttered before he took a sip from his beer bottle . "Yeah , he is my boyfriend after all" I shrugged whilst I stared at the tv , eating a sandwich. "Ooh you're using the official terms now" Ice teased as he sat next to me . "You're so drunk , how many of them have you had" I scolded him , trying to take the drink from him. "Like 8 , why does it matter" he kept the bottle from my reach .

"Because I care about you , in a friend way of course but I still care about you" i grumbled angrily while still trying to the drink from his hand . Ice let out a sigh before handing over the drink . I stood up and walked over to the sink , pouring the alcohol down the drain . This stuff has ruined my life already .

"Dante's gone Sof , I don't have my best friend anymore , yeah I have Ace but he's not as close to me as Dante was . Now I'm stuck with guy who doesn't know the first fucking thing about kindness , Dacre left ages ago and now it's just me and Ace . Scratch Ace being unkind , he's ignorant, selfish and unemotional. He doesn't care about me and he never will" Ice rambled ; he kept changing the subject . He was really drunk if he was dumb enough to tell me this . "I don't know what you see in him Sof , I just don't" He shook his head , letting it drop in desperation.

I rolled my eyes before walking over to Ice with a glass of water . "Drink this and just so you know , Ace does care ..... he just doesn't like to show it". "Oh and lets make one thing clear , don't ever speak about Ace like that around me again , understood ?" I scowled at him . He nodded . "But if you need someone to talk to or a new best friend , I can be both" I shrugged after sitting down . "You're nice but I don't think Ace would really allow it" Ice mumbled , falling asleep . "Lie down" I stood up to give him room . "Where are you going ?" He asked , stretching his legs across the chair . "To workout" I mumbled walking down the hall .

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