Chapter 26

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Spencer's POV

Jaxson stands at the door, needing to tell us something before the ceremony. "We have a traitor amongst us. Someone gave the Red Claw Pack our patrol schedules to allow Maya and Mark to beat Spencer. Keep your eyes out for anything suspicious."

We nod our heads, shaken. How could someone betray us? Is it someone close to us?

"Try not to think about it, tonight will go great!" Jaxson tries to encourage us but now we are all on edge. I grab onto Aiden's hand a lightly squeeze, reassuring him.

He looks to me and gives me a tight smile, before we head down the stairs. We walk into the pack kitchen and see it all dressed up for Aiden's birthday, but most of the decorations are outside.

Heading outside, we see balloon everywhere and the whole backyard full of pack members. There is a large cake in the middle of all the tables of food. I look over to Aiden and see a large smile on his face.

Lilly walks up to us, with a big smile, "Do you like it? We all worked really hard on it!"

Aiden relaxes and hugs his mom, kissing her cheek. "Yes I love it! It's amazing."

Being too stressed to talk with everyone near me, I just nod my head, agreeing.

The ceremony happens first, and then we get to enjoy a big dinner!

I have to be on the stage with Aiden, in front of the whole pack. All of Aiden's close friends are on stage, in their respective positions. Miller is on the far side, next is Cory, and next to me is Eden and Ava. As I walk by to get to my spot, I give everyone a smile. Everyone smiles back but Miller, he looks quite nervous. I wonder why?

Standing beside Aiden, he takes ahold of my hand. He turns my way and mindlinks me, "You got this, I'm here with you."

I nod and send back, "I love you."

"I love you too," he responds, adoration dripping from his voice.

Jaxson starts the ceremony. "Hello, Royal Eclipse Pack. Today we are here to pass down the power of Alpha to my son. He is also turning eighteen, we believe he is mature enough to take the title. Aiden, will you please stand before me."

Aiden lets go of my hand to stand in front of Jaxson. He has already explained how the ceremony will work, so Aiden knows what to do.

The one problem is that while the power is transferring, Aiden will be weaker than usual. This must be why Miller is nervous.

Jaxson and Aiden clasp forearms, and Jaxson says, "I, Jaxson Steele, renounce my position as Alpha, and pass it down to you, Aiden Steele."

"I accept the position of Alpha," Aiden says, full of pride. The power between them transfers, when all of a sudden I feel someone grabbing me from behind, and putting something sharp to my neck.

I hear a familiar voice yell, "Nobody move!"

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