Chapter 28

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Spencer's POV

When I wake up, Aiden is not sitting beside me like I expected. I look to my left and see another hospital bed beside me, Aiden laying atop it.

I rush out of bed as quickly as I can, careful not to move my healing neck. I look over Aiden's body and see claw marks everywhere. He looks torn apart!

Aiden's eyes flutter open, and he gives me a small smile. "Hello, my love. Feeling better?" He asks with a croaky voice. I find water and pour him a cup, lifting it to his lips and tilting it slightly. After having a drink of water he says a quiet 'thanks.'

He looks at me knowingly, knowing I want an explanation. He explains everything. How he was in a battle with the Alpha and he almost lost. He came out victorious, meaning that he is now Alpha of the remaining members of the Red Claw Pack.

After he is done explaining, I give him a gentle hug. "I'm so proud of you, Aiden. I knew you could do it."

"I love you, little mate," Aiden whispers into my hair.

"I love you too."


I've been throwing up every morning, and werewolves don't get sick. Aiden insisted that we go to the doctor today, this having been going on a whole week.

We arrive to Doctor Lana, greeting each other with hugs. I've gotten to know Lana pretty well over my stay here, especially while waiting for Aiden to heal.

"What seems to be the issue today?" Lana asks with a small smile.

"Spence has been throwing up in the morning, all week. We don't know what's wrong," Aiden explains.

"Any mood swings or cravings?" Lana questions with a bright smile.

Aiden looks at her weirdly. "Why are you smiling? And yes, he has been happy one minute and then sad the next. It's insane. He's also asked for ice cream in the middle of the night, with popcorn."

Lana's smile grows even wider if that's possible. "I'll be right back," and with that, she leaves the room.

I look at Aiden and we share curious looks, definitely confused by what just happened.

Lana comes back in with a machine that I don't recognize.

Aiden's eyes widen and he seems to understand what's going on, but I'm left clueless.

"I'm going to put this cold gel on your stomach," she says as she puts it on and then rubs this handle like thing over stomach. Does she think I have a tumor?!

Something appears on the screen beside me, and Aiden smiles brightly.

Lana still has that smile on her face as she says, "You're pregnant. That there is your child, they are a month old."

I look to Aiden in shock, happiness filling his features. I can't decide how I feel. I feel nervous, my heart is racing. But I also feel so inexplicably happy. Lana wipes the gel off my stomach and Aiden gives me a big hug.

We're having a child!

Five months later, our son is born.

Levi Gabriel Steele.

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