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Spencer's POV

Levi has been quite the handful. I learned that royal wolves can only have one child, so Levi is our only baby.

He has grown to be ten years old, and he is showing signs of being very submissive. He cowers away at others of high ranking, more than normal wolves would.

We are worried because he is meant to be the next Alpha, and he can't be submissive and control the pack.

Today I have a surprise for Levi and Aiden, wanting to do something nice for them. I'm setting up a family day at our spot, at the clearing.

I invited Jaxson and Lilly, along with Nadia, who found her mate. Turns out her mate is Cory, Nadia's wolf just hadn't matured enough to know who her mate was.

Eden and Ava are also coming along, being practically family. No one talks about what Miller did, betraying us like that. We choose to ignore it all.

I bring Aiden away from his Alpha duties and get Levi from his room. He is reading Harry Potter, he's on the last book.

"Come on, Levi. I have a surprise for you!" I exclaim, trying to get him excited.

"Can I finish this chapter first?" Levi asks innocently.

I say a quick 'No,' and Levi listens, putting his book down and following me down the stairs.

Aiden is waiting for us, and we all head off to the clearing.

The walk there is peaceful, us all enjoying each other's company silently.

Once we arrive, I see the picnic table that I had Jaxson help me with. It's large enough to fit all of us, and it's filled with food.

We all eat an amazing lunch and swim until the sun sets.

Aiden and I are relaxing in the cool water, watching Nadia's kids play with Levi, him being kind of distant.

Aiden looks down at me, and asks, "How did I get so lucky? I was blessed with the most amazing mate and child."

I respond, love seeping through my voice, "I don't know, but I'm grateful I get to keep loving my mate."

'Loving My Mate' is complete! I hope you enjoyed this book, I finished it in only a week because I was writing so much! Please let me know any way I can improve my writing, I would love some advice.

There will be another book in this series, following Levi's story!

I'm so grateful you read my book, thank you. - A.P.W.

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