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Word Count: 936
Warnings: none I think, please let me know if I missed any.
A/n: this is very soft and very much inspired by One Day by Tate McRae, she is a very talented girl and I suggest you check out her music.

Staring up at your ceiling as you twisted your hair between your fingers. All you could think about was him. You thought about how confident he was when he walked down the hallway, he always said hi to people, his hair was beautiful, you wanted to run your fingers through it. There was one thought that always got to you, does he know who I am? Probably not.

You passed by him in the hallway several times throughout the day. You never looked at him, you kept your head low, you figured you would never be the type of girl he would go for. So, you had to admire him from a far, he was so beautiful, hearing his voice made you feel all warm inside and you just wished he would talk to you. Did it hurt to know that he would never be yours? Yes it did.

Little did she know that Steve noticed her a lot more than he thought she did. He walked the crowed halls but, he always knew where she was. It felt like she was avoiding him like the plague. If he tried to walk towards her, she'd turn the other direction quickly and leave him there confused. He thought she was so beautiful, he had a few classes with her and would catch himself staring at her. He was so captivated by her, she was all he could think about.

It was hard for him to focus on anything or anyone else except her. All of his thoughts were consumed by Y/n. He thought maybe if he wore his red sweater with these jeans, she would notice him. She might not even know who he is. It hurt him to know that she could never be his.

In an alternate universe, she thought, they'd already be dating. She would be walking down the halls and he would wrap an arm around her waist and instead of looking away, she would wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. They would be planning their future together, they'd be applying to the same colleges together. Steve would've met her parents, he'd wear that red sweater and her parents would love him.

All of this could happen one day. They were both too shy to do anything about it. They needed this to happen for them. They deserved to have something good happen to them.

Steve caught you off guard one day before class, instead of sitting in his usual seat across the room, he sat behind you. When you walked in, he pretended to be looking for a pencil, he even let out a huff when he couldn't find one.' He tapped your shoulder, you turned to him and at first he forgot what he was gonna say, he'd never been so close to you, if he thought you were beautiful from far away, you were absolutely breathtaking from close up.

"You okay?" You brought his attention back.

"Yeah sorry, Y/n. Do you have a pencil I could borrow?" You reached into your backpack and grabbed an extra pencil, when Steve took it from you, he slightly touched your hand. Although it was brief, you both felt the connection you had.

After class,he had tried to give you your pencil back but, you told him to keep it. He tucked it behind his ear and that's where it stayed for the rest of the day.

You went home and payed in your bed. The way he said your name kept replaying in your head. The way he touched your hand when reaching for your pencil. It felt electric.

The next day at school, Steve saw you at your locker and walked up to you.

"Hey Y/n, just returning your pencil from yesterday." He pulled the pencil from behind his ear and pushed some of your hair back and placed it behind yours. Steve noticed the blush that was very evident on your cheeks.

"Well thanks Steve." You finished gathering up your books and he noticed you struggling.

"Do you want some help?" You nodded quickly and handed him some of your books. You guys walked to class together and he sat behind you again.

This continued for a month, you guys would lightly flirt with each other and he would help you carry your books. He drove you home once or twice, people had assumed that you were dating and were shocked to find out that you weren't.

You had decided that today would be the day that you asked Steve on a date. You were at your locker waiting for him, and when he showed up, he took some of your stuff and you guys walked to class together. When you got to class and in your seat, you wrote on a slip of paper and then passed it to Steve.
The note read:

Do you wanna go on an ice cream date after school?
Yes    Or     No

You heard Steve let out a small laugh before handing you the paper. He circled 'yes' several times and even added "I'll pick you up at 8". You nearly squealed in class. The rest of your day felt like it was taking years to finish. But soon enough, you were riding passenger in Steve's car and when he dropped you off he told you he couldn't wait for your date.

It was finally happening, you had been hoping for this day for so long, you were finally going on a date with Steve and you were finally going to be able to call him yours.

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