🔶 13 - Care 🔶

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[Api's POV]

I woke up from the sound of a door closing from the distance. I slowly opened my eyes, adjusting them from the bright light. Afterwards, I carefully got up from... a bed?

"You're okay..."

A voice made me startled, making me turn to look whoever just spoke. When I did, I saw a boy with a blue cap facing sideways, smiling softly at me while seated on a chair right next to me. My eyebrows furrowed while looking at him.

"Who are you...?" I asked.

The blue-capped boy smiled once more, giving out his hand to me for a handshake. "I'm Angin." He introduced.

"Api." I said flatly, as I reached for his hand for a handshake.

"Nice meeting you, Api." The boy named Angin, warmly stated.

"Where am I...?" I asked, my eyes wandering around the room.

"Oh, you're in the clinic. I saw you getting attacked by those bullies so I ran towards you to stop them. You were beaten up pretty badly so I thought of bringing you here in the clinic. Don't worry, the boys who bullied you a while ago were asked to go to the principal's office." Angin said, grinning.

"Oh..." I mumbled quietly. "Thanks..." I sincerely stated, looking at Angin with a small smile.

"No problem!" He cheerfully replied.

"Wait, shouldn't you be attending your classes at this moment?" I asked, with a worried tone in my voice.

"I excuse myself just to look after you and, they let me anyway." Angin answered, chuckling quietly.

I then examined him more and to my surprise, I noticed a bruise near his left cheek.

"What happened there?" I questioned, pointing at the bruise on his cheek.

"Oh, this?" He asked, pointing at the bruised cheek and laughed softly. "This is nothing."

"Hey, what happened, really?" I asked once more, insisting him to tell me.

He soon heaved a long sigh, looking at the floor gloomily.

"Well, this happened before I send you here in the clinic..."

[End of POV]


"HEY! STOP HURTING HIM!" The blue-capped boy exclaimed, running towards Api and the bullies.

The group of bullies then turned to look at Angin, an evil smirk was curved on their faces. Angin made his way towards Api, shielding him from the bullies afterwards.

"Go away! I won't let you hurt him!" The cyan blue-capped boy stated, giving each every one of the bullies a glare.

"My, my, what a brave wittle hero, isn't he?~" One of the bullies teased, making the others laugh from his response. The boy then cracked his knuckles, slowly walking closer to Angin with a malicious grin plastered on his face.

"Let's see how brave this wittle warrior is~"


"And, after that, the boy punched me hardly in the face, causing a bruise on my face." Angin said, chuckling. "But the good news is that, help has arrived on time." He added, looking at Api with a wide smile.

'How come he remains so positive despite about what had happened to him earlier...?' Api thought, quite amazed by Angin's positivism.

"Angin..." Api softly called.

"Yeah, what is it?" The cheerful boy glanced at Api, ready to hear what he wanted to say to him.

"Why would you save someone who's just a useless person like me...?" Api asked, biting his lower lip as he looked away gloomily.

The cyan blue-capped boy curved a sad but warm smile on his face as he looked at Api. "Because I care." Angin softly stated. "And, you're not useless, Api. Nothing and no one is useless. Nobody is born useless. Don't ever think you're useless, because you're worthy. You're everything, just think about that." He added, gently placing a hand on Api's shoulder.

The red-capped boy then turned to face Angin, his eyes starting welled up with tears.

"... Thanks Angin..."


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