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I wiped the sweat off of my forehead with the towel that was in my hand . I dabbed my neck and collar bones before dropping the towel off to the side of the room . Ace's gym was fun to use except I couldn't use the weights since Ace's lightest ones were too heavy for me to use which is kind of embarrassing.

I continued doing squats and listening to music until I felt two hands on my waist as I stood up from my squat . I screamed and jumped back , quickly realising that it was just Ace . I pulled out my ear phones and stopped my music . "You scared the shit out of me" . I was out of breath from being scared so bad. Ace couldn't contain his laughter . "I'm sorry" he chuckled , calming himself down .

His attention turned to his weights . "You use these ?" He asked curiously. No they're too heavy" I muttered angrily while I stared at myself in the big mirrors on the wall . I watched Ace come up behind from in the mirror . He placed his hand on my stomach from behind me , placing his head right next to mine . He was tall and had broad shoulders . My breath hitched as he played with the waistband of my leggings. 

"I need to shower" I mumbled quietly to him . "Let's shower then" he spoke with a deep voice as he raised his eyebrow with a smirk . I know what going with him meant and I am more than okay with that .

We strolled into Ace's bigger bathroom with a massive shower that took up almost half of the room . He ripped off his clothes with no hesitation and entered the shower , turning on the water that sprayed violently from the shower head . As I began to undress , I watched him face the shower head and lean his back , letting the warm water heal his sore wounds . His bruises had started to become lighter in colour rather than the dark, purply, blue that they were a few days ago . Some of his bruises had little red dots in them , signalling burst blood vessels . I almost winced when I first saw them. But he looked so relaxed like the water was medicine for him , soothing his aching muscles and his battered body .

An: Do I even need to warn you guys anymore 😂

The water ran through his hair before he combed it back with his hand so flawlessly . I admired the little droplets of water that sat on his muscular shoulders . He caught me staring at him , making my cheeks flush a deep red . "What are you embarrassed about" he turned to me without any clothes on . "Nothing" I mumbled , trying to advert my wandering eyes . "I'm your's , you can stare" he shrugged without a care in the world . "It's only me and you in here" he opened the shower door , approaching slowly . The water from his body dripped onto the floor , leaving a trail of little puddles behind him .

"Turn to the side" he demanded with a low , husky voice . I did as he asked because I wasn't about to deny him and get punished . I wonder what would happen if he punished me . He scooped me into his arms, bridal style and carried me into the shower . "Will this not hurt you ?" I worried for him . He gave me a confused look before staring at his bruises and cuts . "I'll be more than fine" he spoke with a reassuring tone . I hopped down from his arms and stood under the steaming hot water . I had to give my body a second to adjust to the sudden temperature change . I shut my eyes and leaned my head back , letting the water soak my hair . I opened my eyes to see Ace staring at my body with a look of awe . "Stop staring at me like that" I giggled , flicking water in his face with my hands . "I wanna fuck you until you're dripping" he growled standing inches away from me . I gave him a little smirk while heat rose to my cheeks , turning them a light pink colour .

I crossed my legs which caught Ace's eye . "Why are you crossing your legs?" He grumbled with his blue eyes that had now turned a dark blue . "No reason" I mumbled quietly , keeping them closed. "Am I turning you on?" He smirked while brushing a loose strand of my wet hair behind my ear . "N-no" I stuttered . Fuck . Well that was a complete give away .

Ace licked his lips before his attention to my crossed legs , again . He moved so that he was standing behind me . He pulled me back by my waist so that my back was against his abs. I could feel his growing erection against my ass . My breath hitched as I tried to squirm as usual but his hands on my waist kept me from moving . He kissed my temple and then my cheek . His breath hit my neck , making my whole body tingle . I crossed my legs again , knowing a pool of warmth would be not too far away .

Ace pressed his lips against my neck before slowly letting his hand travel down my stomach. "I know why you keep crossing your legs Sof" he smirked playfully as I uncrossed my legs . Shit , now he's going to know when I'm turned on . His hand hovered over my heat . "I want you to ask" he whispered in my ear with a devilish tone . "A-ask for what" I mumbled quietly , knowing exactly what he wanted . "Ask me to finger you" he whispered before he nipped my ear playfully .

I gulped while his hand rested just below my stomach . "Ace" I spoke with a hushed tone . "Yeah" he replied . "Will you finger me?" I felt so dumb saying that out loud but if it turns him on, I guess I'm okay with it . He started to rub my clit slowly , the pool of warmth spilling out slowly from beneath me . He took two of his fingers and slowly pushed them inside of me . I bit my lip , trying to contain my moan . He starting pumping them in and out while his other hand held my waist . I couldn't even feel the hot water rolling down my back anymore .

My pussy clenched around his fingers making him pump faster . I let a moan escape my lips before I leaned my head back , resting it against Ace's shoulder . He continued to pump and rub , making my heat wet . He was good at this , he knew what he was doing . He stopped and turned me around so that I was facing him . He smashed his lips onto mine . Ace's hands grabbed my ass before I started to kiss his neck , leaving a trail of hickeys . My kisses travelled down to just below his abs . I was on my knees now and Ace's back blocked the water from hitting me .

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