Chapter 7

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So here it is guys(caution:this chapter is rated pg-13)


But being the tease he was,he didn't allow my tongue permission,but I just went in without this consent(#whatarebel(don't worry the hash tag was for ironic use))

as I was about to keep going,Gary started getting a horrified look in his eyes and started to point to the door,when I looked around to see what the fuss was about,I noticed that misty was standing with a door closed and a beautiful batch of flowers in her left hand and a box of chocolates in her right.

Gary POV

As she about to open the doors she mumbled to me the sentence "I thought we were going to be together forever Gary" and slammed the door behind her.when she had left for good ash cocked his head back at me and politely but aggressively "get out,now Gary"when I rejected to offer he started to shout the same horrifying words,I obliged to ashs request to leave and closed the door to his room...


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