Chapter 7

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Tae bit his lip nervously as (Y/N) left the dorm carrying Adam, he could tell that as she moved she was in pain, Adam had just wrapped his legs around her and then he caught (Y/N) biting her lip in pain as she tried to keep any noise from coming out. Guilt and panic flooded him and just as he was about to start forward to apologise but the door closed, and he was left standing there with my arms outstretched.


I let my arm drop slowly to my side, a few tears prickling my eyes and threatening to fall. Stupid... stupid Tae.... You pabo! Just had to go and practically assault her in your sleep didn't you? Not only that but then you end up hurting her too....Aish, I turned around and walked straight into my room to grab a change of clothes before storming into the bathroom. As I showered, all I could think of (Y/N)'s face as she tried to mask her pain... I needed to make things right. And quickly.

We all got into the van, I wanted to sit next to (Y/N) but she was driving, and Adam was nowhere to be seen. She smiled at us warmly but it couldn't be at me, could it? Why would she smile at me, the one who hurt her and pushed her out of her comfort zone?

We all entered the company, entering to take our vocal lessons from our coaches before heading off to dance practice. Just as I was finishing up I noted (Y/N) silently slipping out of the door, quickly I rushed to follow her, seeing an opportunity to apologise to her in private.

I silently followed her to the dressing rooms, slightly confused as to why she was heading there. I stood outside, leaning against the wall waiting for her to exit when I heard some murmurs through the slight gap in the otherwise closed door.

"(Y/N)-ah what happened?" Yeong-ah noona gasped.

"Nothing unnie, really its nothing... I just banged against my wardrobe door by accident this morning whilst getting ready..." (Y/N) whispered.

Oh no, was she hurt really badly...what if she never forgives me? What am I going to do... as I was worrying, I missed the ending of the conversation but making my mind up, I pushed open the door and promptly froze?

(Y/N) was just lowering the back of her cream jumper, but I caught a glimpse of her fair skin which had a big mottled bruise spread across the middle of her lower back. From what I could see it was only the ending of it meaning some part of her upper back was also bruised. Thanks to me.

I didn't know I had let out a gasp until (Y/N) and Yeong-ah noona had flipped their shocked faces to meet mine. (Y/N) hastily got to her feet and I found I couldn't move. Not as she made her way towards me, nor as she gently grabbed my hand.

The warmth of her hand suddenly jolted me into glancing down but before I could do or say anything, she was pulling me with her out of the room and into the private elevator, taking me to her office.

I didn't realise she had pulled me in and stopped to stare at me in concern, why on earth was she concerned? She was the injured one, not me.

(Y/N) POV:

I pulled Tae quickly towards my office, guilty that he had accidentally seen the bruises.... I didn't want him to worry for no reason. He didn't mean it. Not that and he couldn't control his actions whilst he was sleeping. felt nice. Cuddling and skinship was something I craved, it wasn't many people who accepted the tactile comfort so easily nor gave it. Maybe... Tae could be my cuddle buddy...? No, that's just gonna make him uncomfortable. I led him towards my office, closing the door behind us informing the receptionist that for now no-one was to enter until I said otherwise. Tae needed comfort and I was going to give it to him.

"Come on Tae... let's sit down here yeah?" I led him to the big sofa and sat down, pulling him besides me. Almost immediately, he burst into tears. Heart thumping, I turned to him in alarm.

Instinctively I pulled him into my arms, roles be damned. He nestled his head into my shoulder and I rubbed his back, tracing circles on them.

"I'm so so sorry (Y/N)-ah! Honestly... I didn't mean it... please..." before I shushed him.

"Tae... I don't blame you and you need to stop. What'll make me upset is if you don't let this go. I'm not hurt okay? We're both fine... want a hug?" and with that I wrapped my arms around him until his sobs quietened down. I brought his head down to my lap and played with the strands of his hair. His eyes were slowly closing with sleep and I smiled down at him.

"Sleep Tae, I'll be here when you wake up. I promise" and with that he drifted off to sleep and I did too whilst playing with his hair.


I could hear quiet murmurs around me and the shuffling of feet but I shook it off, wanting to go back to sleep. It had been so long since I could get to sleep properly, since I had arrived I hadn't been able to. My old friend- insomnia not letting me. I nestled further into the warmth coming from under me and I hear a few coos at that. Ignoring the sounds around me, I tried to go back to sleep.


After seeing (Y/N) rush out of the vocal lessons and Tae soon after her, we all gave them some time before making our way to (Y/N)'s office. The receptionist tried to warn us but we shrugged it off and assured her that (Y/N) didn't mean us. Probably.

It was Jin-hyung who led the way in, shouldering his way past us and shoving me aside. He claimed I quote "His daughter better be fine" before storming in.

Just as quickly as he'd marched in, Jin-hyung stopped causing us to crash into each other.

Looking around to see what had stopped him, my mouth automatically let out an aww before I snapped it shut, cheeks heating up, but it wasn't just me but everyone except Yoongi-hyung who'd let out similar sounds.

There on the sofa lay Tae nestled in (Y/N)-ah's lap asleep and (Y/N) asleep too her head resting on the back of the sofa but her arms protectively around Tae. As Hobi and Jin started cooing at the sight and gushing how cute it was, the maknaes were snapping photos of the scene. As the room started to get louder, (Y/N) started stirring but now she hunched over Tae's head, her body now shielding him.

Just as I was about to wake them up, Yoongi-hyung grabbed my shoulder and shook his head.

"Let them be, they'll wake up in a bit themselves. And God knows (Y/N)-ah needed the rest..." the last bit whispered but I caught onto it.

(Y/N) hadn't been resting? She did seem more tired recently. Huh... guess I'll have to ask when they wake up. Member or not... (Y/N) was part of the Bangtan family and family looks out for one another.

But for now... we settled onto the sofas around them and waited for them to wake.

(Tae deserves all the cuddles in the world and needs to always smile, his tears even in the book makes me sad to think about! I had to get the tears done with already!) What should happen next in the story? 💜

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