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Jungkook enjoyed their date, but he was feeling something, like someone was following them. He looks around, not seeing anything but he knows someone is there as its one of his powers. His hair turned to a pitch black color along with his eyes that was now covered with black like ink.

He then scans around, getting startled as he saw the person he didn't want to see ever again in his life. He then mindlinked the person, glaring at him with his pitch black eyes.

"What are you doing here, Kihyun?"
"What? I just wanted to see you, can't I see my friend?"
"We're not friends anymore, Kihyun, you betrayed me"
"I would've not betrayed you if you weren't a snitch"
"What you did was bad, how can I stay quiet about that?"
"OK, fine, whatever, bye, but I'll still come after you"

Their mindlinking was stopped as Kihyun said goodbye. Jungkook gasps as his hair and eyes turned back to their natural color. As the others hear the youngest's gasp, they all looked at him with worried eyes, the oldest stopping the car to look also.
"You okay, princess?" Jimin asks first as he was sat next to the youngest. Jungkook nodded, trying to hid his wariness with a smile.
"I'm okay, just remembered something" He said, making the others give him a confused looks but shrugged it off.

"Why did your hair and eyes changed to a scary color of black?" Taehyung asks as he looks at the youngest.
"I just use that to see if anyone else is following us or something bad happened , didn't find anyone so we're safe" Jungkook lied as he looks away.
"Okay" Taehyung said as he continued eating his French fries.

They arrived at the youngest's house, bidding their goodbyes as the youngest got out of the car.
"Bye, hyungs, see you on Monday!" Jungkook yells at the moving car, waving goodbye before going inside the house as his father opened it. The younger looks at his father, noticing that something was happening as he saw his father's stern face.
"We need to talk" His father said as he held the younger's wrist and slowly dragged him to the living room.

His father lets go of his wrist so he could sit down which he did as he looks up at his parents.
"What is it?" Jungkook asks as he sees his parents panicked faces. They weren't answering, so Jungkook used his powers now. His eyes and hair turned to a pitch black color before he analyzed his parents.

He saw what's inside his parents mind, seeing the panicked emotions. As he looked deeper, he saw Kihyun, standing there as he smirked. He then saw his mother, talking with Kihyun with a knife in her hand.

"Why are you here?" His mother asks as he pointed the knife towards the Kihyun.
"Why not, I wanted to see how Jungkookie is growing up" Kihyun said as his smirk grow wider.
"Don't involve my son in your intentions, Kihyun, you already betrayed him" The older woman said as he approaches Kihyun more. His father then walks in, holding a gun that was reloaded with silver. He shot Kihyun, making the said male screams as he held his arm that was shot.
"You fucker!" Kihyun shouted as he used his wind power but with pitch black eyes.
"You dint scare us, now leave before I shot your head with this gun or should I do it so you can be gone" His father said and as he said that, Kihyun disappeared.

Jungkook gasps, looking at his parents before telling them what happened an hour ago.

"What does he want?"

(What do you guys think did Kihyun do to Jungkook that they hate him so much?

-Ggukie-nim out!💜)
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