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I wrapped my hand around his cock and licked the tip , teasing him evilly . He groaned before I finally started to suck his dick . I started to pump what I couldn't fit in my mouth before I started bobbing my head back and forwards making him grunt . He gripped onto the handle of the shower , throwing his head back in frustration. He placed his hand on the back of my hand , pushing my head forwards, making me take all 8 inches . I gagged repeatedly causing Ace to smile . He likes to mess with me .

I swirled my tongue around his tip , getting a grunt in response before he grabbed my hand , helping me to my feet . He planted his hands on my ass before he said "jump" . I leaped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him , his hands supporting my body. I brushed a strand of hair behind my hair . "Can I kiss you?" I asked him . He nodded , our lips colliding again . He licked my bottom lips for entrance , telling me to open my mouth . He slipped his tongue into my mouth and his tongue swirled around mine .

While we made out , I realised Ace had started to lower me slowly . He took one of his hands from my ass and grabbed his cock , placing it right under my pussy . He put his hand back on my ass and started to lower me onto to it . He leaned me against the shower wall for support as he started to enter me . I moaned in his ear when he started lowering my body faster , making me take atleast 6 inches of his cock . I leaned my head against his shoulder as I moaned due to him not stopping . "Can you take it all baby ?" He whispered in my ear right before I moaned ; I shook my head , no. But he continued anyway . "You can" he smirked evilly , lowering me even further . "Ace I can't" I winced , trying not to release my moans . He didn't listen and before I knew it , he had all of his 8 inch cock inside of me . How did it even fit.

He smirked proudly . "Bullshit" he spoke with a hushed tone . My breath was gone and his next words didn't help . "I'm going to fuck you so hard , you won't be able to walk out of here" he growled dominantly . I knew that if Ace hadn't of been holding me up , my legs would've been shaking uncontrollably for the last two minutes. I'm close to cumming and he knows it .

Ace opened the shower door and stepped out , bringing us into our bedroom that was connected to the bathroom. "There was no real point of that shower" I grumbled at him . "Nope" he smirked proudly. He lay me on the bed with him still inside me . He stood up since the bed was level with his waist . The perfect sex height . Ace placed a hand on my waist and a hand on my shoulder . "You ready ?" He growled , raising his eyebrows and licking his lips . I nodded gently , heat rising to my cheeks . "Stop acting so innocent" he scowled pulling out of me . "I am-" I was quickly interrupted by Ace shoving his entire cock inside of me, making me scream . He grinned proudly as I stared at him with my eyes widened . It felt so good though . "Tell me to stop" he challenged me . I shook my head. "I'm going to make you beg for me to stop" he bit his bottom lip . "It won't happen" I was out of breath already ; I think from shock ; maybe fear that he would actually rearrange my guts .

His dark blue eyes stared at my face as he started to slowly thrust in and out of me . I moaned as my legs started to shake . "Don't cum Sofia" he groaned while pounding in and out of my pussy . I was dripping at this point . I moaned loudly , I couldn't care who heard me anymore ; it was so painful but so good. My legs shook vigorously as I moaned , gripping onto the bed covers and curling my toes . "Don't cum Sofia" Ace warned me , still pounding into me . Then he took his two fingers and started rubbing my clit , hitting my g-spot . I couldn't hold back any longer .

I moaned loudly as I orgasmed , my pussy clenching around Ace's throbbing dick . "Fuck Sofia" he grunted as he continued while my cum slowly leaked out of me ; I felt so good after I came . My knee's were still red from being on the shower floor .

Ace grabbed my attention when he pulled out of me and aimed his dick at my stomach . He moaned as he came on my stomach and chest while pumping his dick with his hand . His eyes rolled as he threw his head back with pleasure . He eventually stopped and was out of breath ; I could see a thin layer of sweat on his forehead . "Fuck" he grumbled , lying next to me to catch his breath aswell .

I scooped some of his cum onto my finger and tasted it , knowing that he was watching . His jaw dropped slightly as he watched me lick my fingers . "Oh you taste good" I said with a happy tone . Ace gave me a 'you're insane look'. "You don't have STD's right" I grumbled while I scowled at him . "No , I got tested after each one and they had to show me documents that they didn't have an STD" Ace shrugged , cupping the back of his neck with his hands . "What do I taste like?" He asked curiously, changing the subject . "You taste kind of salty" I admitted while wondering what to do with the rest of the cum on my breasts and stomach .

"Here" he mumbled , handing over a white towel from the bedroom floor . "Is this your cum towel" I glared at him as I grabbed it . "No" he smiled with a guilty look . "I can't really say it's gross , I did just eat it" I sighed , wiping it off me . "Goodbye children" I said after I threw the towel into the laundry basket . Ace chuckled at my joke .

An: Heyyy guys , hope your holy water didn't run out half way through this 😉

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