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"YOU KNOW, I hope Google never goes down

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"YOU KNOW, I hope Google never goes down." Michael mumbles why eating his bowl of Cheerios. We both sat at the island block, eating our breakfast because we got up the latest. I glance down at him as I pause from taking a bite of my bagel. He glances up at me, "I only know, like, eight things." 

"Well, that's two more thing than me, little man." I scoff as I shake my palm on top of his head. He laughs at me as my mother struts into the kitchen, her long floral beach dress floating behind her. 

"Are we all ready, your majesties?" My mother chuckles as she places her hand on the countertops while standing opposite us. I narrow my eyes in query at Michael. 

"I don't know, what do you say King Michael?" I question as Michael smiles at me. 

"I say we are, Queen Hayden!" Michael announces as I laugh at him, finish the rest of my bagel and hop down from the wooden stool. 

We were all heading out for another day at the beach. It seems that's all that there is to do around here in the summer. I mean, there's a carnival at the pier every friday night but other than that there's not much. I like it. It's boring but its peaceful. 

Michael follows me as we grab our bags and head outside to where everyone was already heading. We divided ourselves amongst the two vehicles and surprise fucking surprise I get put in the same car as Chase. He had asked to drive my mother's car since Emily had texted asking if he could pick her up. 

She texted him specifically. 

I brush the thought out of my brain as I slip into the backseat next to Michael. Levi takes the front passenger seat and after I take over the bluetooth and begin to play my playlist of absolute bops, we were on our way. Emily lived only about a fifteen minute drive away, so before we knew it we were pulling into her driveway with Levi groaning in the passenger seat. 

"Do we have to pick her up?" Levi groans once more as Michael laughs at him, "She's so annoying." 

"Be nice." I swat at his shoulder, "She's my friend, Levi, just give it some time. I mean, I was annoying at the start right and now look at us." 

"That was so much work though!" Levi sighs as he covers his face. Chase just chuckles at him as I notice Emily step out of her house. She skips down towards our car. 

Michael pokes me, "Hey, you guys are matching." 

He was right. Emily was wearing the exact same bikini as I was. It was white, blue and red striped and I had bought it from a cute little boutqieu when I first arrived here. She wore an unbuttoned cotton white shirt overtop and had a straw sunhat on. 

She was waving at us as she walks up with a large bag and deck chair that she was struggling to hold. We watch as Emily walks around the passenger side and I poke my head out of my opened window and smile at her. 

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