Chapter 48

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~Photo above: Summer Roselyn~

For the three weeks after her proposal, Luna and I resided at the place she had bought for us. As intimate living together felt, we didn't have sex. Most likely because we were still adjusting to the sensation of vulnerability we now feel around each other.
Luna decided to move out of this apartment and find a place that's closer to the Roslyn Office. She also says that she'd prefer something 'more breathable'-- which sounds way too billionaire for me.

Something on the table buzzes. I pick it up with a sigh-- it's her flip phone.

"Luna, Jillian's calling you!"

A vulgar clang sounds from the bathroom.
"Shit, again?!"

She bustles out into the kitchen and takes the call, suit hanging awkwardly over her shoulders. She always buttons it wrong, I think with a secret smile.
When I stand up to fix her vest, she puts a firm hand on my head and holds me an arm's length away.

"Yes, I'm heading over there now, see you in a moment."

She flips the phone shut and a tortured sigh escapes her throat. She rubs her forehead with her palm, freeing me.

"Summer... I'm sorry, I need to go."

I roll my eyes at her sympathetic expression and go to button her vest properly. "At least take me with you this time..."
  Pouting my lips at her silent response, I scuff the floor with my heel. "These past two weeks, it seems like you're always leaving to consult some of your father's stupid clients."

"Two weeks ago," Luna paralleled, "I took over my father's company."

"Three weeks ago," I tease, "we got engaged."

She crosses her arms. "I don't think you're being very understanding of the situation."

I pull her body closer to mine, the waist of her suit bunching beneath my fingers. "I acknowledge that both planning for a wedding and being a billionaire CEO is hard work, but... come on, just take me with you this time."

She flashes a tired smile, too draught to bargain against my need for further attention. "... Alright."

Hoping to energize her, I give a loving kiss on the cheek. "I love you, Luna."

Though her expression holds dull, the desire that smolders in her eyes never wavers. "I love you too, Sunshine."


The meeting lasted five hours and was frankly quite boring. Jillian turned out to be a frail woman in her sixties who was potentially interested in stock trades with the company, and as an elderly woman stuffed with cash, we were all over her. Well, they were.

By the time we were released, it was nearly dinnertime and Luna suggested that we get something to eat at a restaurant close to home. Stomach rumbling, I agreed and hastily made a reservation.

"I'll have a black coffee, nothing added please," Luna grumbles.

"I don't mind sparkling water, if you may," I add timidly.

The waitress scribbled down the order while fluttering her stubby eyelashes towards Luna in what I perceived as attempted seduction. A failed attempt, because fortunately, she wasn't looking.

As soon as the waitress leaves, Luna begins laughing. "Did you see the way she was looking at me? God, thirsty women are hilarious."

I lower an eyebrow. "Wait, how did you notice that if you weren't looking at her?"

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