Chapter 1 - Toothbrushes and Crushes

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BTS had just finished their first ever live performance and it went very well. They were in their hotel rooms washing up and getting ready for bed.

They had three rooms to share so the had played Rock, Paper, Scissors as to who shared a room with who. In the end, it was Namjoon and Seokjin in a room, Yoongi and Hoseok in a room, then Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin in a room.

They didn't mind who they were sharing rooms with but they didn't know each other that well and they didn't want to start picking favourites already. But the results of the game pleased all of them.

"Jinnie-hyung," Namjoon said as he walked into the bedroom from the bathroom.

Jin looked up at him from the piece of paper he was reading which was his schedule. Namjoon opened his hand and showed Jin something in two pieces. Jin's eyes widened at the realisation of what he was seeing.

"Yah! How do you always keep breaking things? Look at that! That's your toothbrush! How are you going to brush your teeth now? And if you think I'm going to give you my toothbrush that's not gonna happen! How do you break everything? This is our first night and we are still on tour! Yah! You have to be more careful!" Jin shouted.

Despite the speed that Jin talked at, Namjoon heard every word Jin had said. He looked down in shame. Sometimes it was hard to believe that Jin was an Omega. Omegas are usually shy, quiet, peaceful and are not out-spoken but Jin is just different. He is quite the opposite of that and that's what Namjoon liked about Jin. Jin always spoke his mind and it is understandable as the music industry was mostly dominated by Alphas and Betas but Omegas have to fight their way through to become idols.

Jin shook his head. "I will go out tomorrow and get you some new toothbrushes." He said calmly.

"Ah, thank you Jin-hyung you are so kind." Namjoon said.

"Use my toothbrush if you want or don't brush your teeth at all." Jin suggested.

"I'll use yours, hyung." Namjoon said and walked back into the bathroom and binned his toothbrush.

After brushing his teeth, Namjoon walked into the bedroom. Jin was now reading a book.

"Are you ready to sleep hyung?" Namjoon asked.

Jin nodded his head. He put his book down on the bedside table and turned his lamp off. Namjoon turned the room's light off leaving the bedside lamp on his side of the bed on.

He walked to the bed and laid down throwing the covers over him.

"Good night hyung." He said and turned off the light.

"Good night Namjoon-ah." Came Jin's reply in the darkness of the room.

They lay there and fell asleep eventually and waited for the morning to come.


Namjoon woke up in the morning. He felt something on his neck and shoulder. He looked down to see Jin's head tucked away in his neck. Jin had somehow merged their bodies together on the bed.

Namjoon tried to move away but Jin had a tight grip on his pyjama top. He looked at the time. It was 5am. He still has time to sleep. Everyone is expected to be up by 7am.

Namjoon looks at Jin's peaceful face as he slept. He looked so handsome. Jin was perfect. He had a smooth, pretty - or handsome as he calls it- face and perfect, naturally pink lips that looked so kissable. Yes. Kim Namjoon, leader and rapper of BTS had a crush on the oldest member of the group - Kim Seokjin. Namjoon slowly kissed Jin's forehead before he put a hand over Jin's waist and began to sleep again.


An alarm rang loudly in the room. Jin woke up. He saw what position he was in with Namjoon and he began to blush. Namjoon was lying on the bed with his head facing the ceiling and Jin was lying on Namjoon's chest.

Seokjin turned the alarm off and lay on his side of the bed again and woke up Namjoon.

"Joonie. Joonie, wake up." He said softly.

Namjoon moaned.

"I'm up hyung." He replied.

"Come on get up, we have to get to our concert." Jin said gently and got up from the bed and made his way into the bathroom.

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