Chapter 2 - Vlive

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A/N: Let's just say that BTS had Vlive at Debut. I know they had their Vlogs but they will also have Vlive.

"Hello ARMY!!" Taehyung shouted as he turned on the Vlive. "We are finally in our hotel rooms!... Yes Jungkookie is here as well as Jimin-ah. Hobi-hyung is with Yoongi-hyung and Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung are together. Jungkookie! Jiminie! ARMY want to see you!"

Jungkook and Jimin walked to Taehyung and said hello to ARMY. They continued to talk to ARMY for a few minutes.

"Can we see Jin and Namjoon-oppa?" Jungkook read. "Sure. Let's get it!" He said.

Taehyung and Jimin followed Jungkook out of the room but when they got to Jin and Namjoon's room door, all they heard was shouting from within and started laughing.

"Can you hear that ARMY? I think Namjoon-hyung is getting shouted at by Jin-hyung. He's talking faster than one of Yoongi's raps!" Jungkook jokes making Jimin and Taehyung laugh.

"...give you my toothbrush that's not gonna happen! How do you break everything? This is our first night and we are still on tour! Yah! You have to be more careful!" They heard Jin shout.

"Sorry ARMY, but I think that they are busy maybe the next time we do a Vlive you may see them." Jimin said. "Let's go to our room."

After talking to ARMY for nearly an hour, they ended the Vlive and went to bed sleeping comfortably together in the double bed.

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