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Yoon Kihyun and Jeon Jungkook. Friends since birth and knows about each other secret. Kihyun is a black omega, which means he controls the four elements, while Jungkook is a white omega, which is a rare and powerful omega.

"Jungkookie, look at this" Kihyun shouts as he makes fire on the trees, thinking of it as an entertainment for his younger friend. the said male gasps, using his wind powers that made his eyes and hair turned to color white put the fire out.
"What were you thinking, Kihyun Hyung!? It would've make a forest fire, and we two would be blamed about it" Jungkook scolded his hyung who only just smirked and continued putting the trees on fire.

"Just stop, hyung!" Jungkook now snapped, hating to the forest being on fire. Kihyun surprisingly stopped, but when he turned around he head a glare.
"Why the fuck are you stopping me?" The older asks, cursing at the younger which emitted a gasp.
"You just cursed at me" Jungkook said, getting mad as he didn't like being cursed out. His hair and eyes turned to color red, trees getting caught on fire. The younger gasps, looking around and gasping again. He used his wind power again, and put the fire out.

"Didn't know you could be that violent, Jungkookie" Kihyun said, cocking his eyebrow and smirking.
"You changed, hyung" The younger said, leaving the older alone. Kihyun froze in his spot, thinking to himself.

'What's happening to me?'
"You should burn that trees down, Kihyun ah"
"Who are you!?"
"What? I'm the thing you're always seeing in your mirror"
"No, this can't be, you're not true"
"No, I'm not in the mirror, I'm inside you"
"Fuck you! Get out of my body!"
"Let me guide you, let's rule the world"
"Yes, Kihyun, I'm now taking over your body"
"Say bye to Yoon Kihyun and welcome Kihyun 2.0"

A few days later...

"Kihyun, baby, can you take out the trash" Mrs Yoon demanded, the said male just cocking his brow at him.
"Why should I?" The boy said, rolling his eyes. Mrs Yoon was speechless, her son wasn't like this.
"What's happening to you, Kihyun? You're not like this" Mrs Yoon asked, the boy only smirking at her.
"It's because I'm not Kihyun, I'm the demon inside him" The younger male said before lifting Mrs Yoon up in the air, choking her.

Just in, Mr Yoon walked in, seeing his son basically killing his mother.
"Kihyun, stop, you're gonna kill your mother" Mr Yoon yelled, pushing his son. The boy wouldn't budge, and also lifted Mr Yoon up in the air. Mrs Yoon was suffocating, having a hard time breathing before she took her last breath. A knock was heard on the door, Kihyun not paying attention to it as he dropped his mother and continued choking his father. The door then opened, and Jungkook walks in with a gasps.

"Hyung, stop!" Jungkook shouted, but it only fell into deaf ears. Mr Yoon took his last breath before Kihyun dropped him.
"Oh, Jungkookie, what are you doing here?" The older asks, kicking his father's body out of the way as he walks to Jungkook. The younger backs away, getting scared at his friend's smirk.
"Stop, go away" Jungkook said as he pushed the older.

Kihyun then made a fire on his hand and then burning Jungkook's arm. The boy screams, pushing the older away with his telekinesis. The older fell on the floor, looking at the boy with smirk on. Jungkook pants, disappearing with the use of teleportation.

Jungkook told his parents what his now ex-bestfriend did, the older being vanished away for it.

(That's not the full story yet 😉

-Ggukie-nim out!💜)

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