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"So? How was the date with Miss Popularity?" Matilda asked him the next day at school as soon as she laid her eyes on him.

"Different than I expected," Ferry said, shrugging. "And it wasn't a date."

"Different how? In a good way?"

Ferry didn't quite know how to name his first visit to the Haughty residence. "Not really ... There are a lot of things they're not what they seem. Nobody is what it seems and everyone has secrets..."

Matilda gave it a thought for a few moments before saying, "Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid," she said, looking away.

"What do you mean?" Ferry asked.

"Nothing, don't mind me," she said, trying to smile.

Ferry had that feeling again—that strange distance that fell between them like a thin veil, separating them even when they were so close to each other.

"How was your visit to May's?" he asked to fill the silence and distance that was growing bigger with every second that passed.

"Boring," she said with a sigh. "We read, talked about the book, ate cookies and tea, then I left. We were this close to having our nails polished. We have to meet again today. May doesn't want to go to the library. She says it's still chilly and she might catch a cold again. You know May. She's more ... delicate," said Matilda as if she didn't believe what she was saying.

Ferry wanted to say something, but he changed his mind. Matilda had never liked May, for some reason. Maybe now, as they were studying together, they would get to know each other better. Maybe she could see how wonderful May was.

"What?" Matilda asked, seeing that he was hesitant.

"I was wondering if ... if she said something about me..."

Matilda's mood changed suddenly. If at first, she was suspicious, now she was fuming. "Why would we talk about you?" she asked, and the blood rushed to her cheeks. "You know, the world doesn't spin around you, Ferry," she said, glaring at him.

"Calm down, Matt ... I was just trying to--"

But Matilda was far from calm, "Do you think you're popular now that you're hanging around Celia?" she asked, barely breathing. "What makes you think you're more special than others? Well, you're not! And May sees you only as a friend and nothing more," she added, her face in flames, before proceeding to the next class with a firm pace. The girl almost knocked Ben down who was coming towards them. The other students made their way in front of the hurricane called Matilda.

"What's wrong with Matt?" Ben asked, looking behind her.

Ferry shrugged, "I have no idea. Girls are so complicated at this age," he said bitterly. "One time, you think they are the most delicate beings, and then, they turn into beasts."

"I know ..." said Ben with a sigh. "One day, they make you believe they finally see you... really see you... and the next day, they pass by you as if you didn't exist ..."

"Does Steph act the same?" asked Ferry.

"Yes ... I mean, no," Ben fussed. "I mean--"

"Whatever," Ferry interrupted him, "I'm tired of their moods. Listen, I have something to tell you. Celia told me a lot about what was going on at the Pride Mansion. Can we meet tomorrow night and talk about it?"

To his surprise, Ben hesitated, "Well ... I don't have much time. I have to go to the library with Steph."

"That's fine, I'll see you later. I have to meet Celia, anyway."

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