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Jungkook lays at his bed, staring at the ceiling. He just got back from after being in the forest, his mind still thinking about what was happening to Kihyun. Why did the older had some black veins on his neck? Why was he screaming to himself? His thinking was interrupted when he heard his door open.

"Baby? Why are you still awake? Don't you have school tomorrow?" Jungkook heard, recognizing it as his mother's voice.
"It's just Mommy, I saw Kihyun toda--" The younger was cut off when his mother cupped his cheeks.
"Did he hurt you!? Let me see what he did!" His mother said, turning the younger head side to side.
"No, Mommy, he didn't do anything, I just saw him" Jungkook replied, earning a sigh from his mother.

"I'm glad he didn't, but how did you see him today?" His mother asks, looking at his eyes.
"I saw him today, he wasn't what he was a few weeks ago, he had some black veins on his neck and he was screaming at himself while gripping on his hair" Jungkook explains, his mother nodding as she listened.

"What do you think?" Mrs Jeon asks, eyebrows furrowed as she thinks.
"I think something is wrong with him, like something OR someone is controlling him"

"Stop controlling me! I can't take it anymore, you've been hurting my friend, you killed my parents! Get out of my body!!!!"

"Why would I get out of your body when I'm still having fun? I think I should kill him when we fight"

"No, get away from him, he didn't do anything to you!"

"Him being a white omega is what he did to me! Aren't you jealous he's a white omega and you're a black one?"

"I'm fine with being a black omega, just leave him alone!"

"Never... "


"Yes, maybe that's the reason, he wasn't like that when he was younger"

"I think we could find it out in the future"

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