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I ran past the flames of the town as they engulfed everything in their way.  Buildings and trees burnt left and right there was no escape from the bright fire. My breath ridged as I ran faster and faster. My house had already been burnt to a crisp and so had most things and people in the town.

I ducked behind anything I could as I continued to run. The place had been attacked in the middle of the night and the fire had spread quickly. There was no chance at stopping the attack or even being able to defend. An anonymous group had been going around destroying places for the last few weeks and no one so far had been able to stop them. The O'Khasis guards had been sent to protect towns but were a few days away from protecting ours. Nobody had made it out alive anywhere yet and anyone who did was only able to describe what happened before being killed the moment they were alone.

I was out of breath at this point my legs were becoming heavy and I wasn't sure how much longer I could carry on. The forest was getting closer and I had managed to avoid anyone I could for now but something felt wrong. I hadn't come across a single person yet. Not a civilian or anyone attacking the place. Not to mention I had a straight path to the forest.

Shrugging it off slightly I picked up my speed again I had finally left the town. The flames were catching up so I had to keep running. The forest was a mess of twists and turns large and tall trees. I could barely see where I was running.

The forest began to slowly get thicker and I felt my legs give out. I gasped in shock as my body dropped down to the ground. I let out a low grunt and turned my head back. I was far away enough to keep from burning but the fire would reach my way eventually. My breathing continued to be heavy as I looked down at my legs. They were bruised and hurt like hell.

"Do you need help up?"

My whole body froze as a male voice spoke from behind me. Their voice was gruff and definitely didn't sound like anyone I knew.


Before I could even finish my words I felt something hard hit the back of my head. My eyes widened in surprise and I fell forward. As my face laid on the ground I watched as boots stepped towards me. Knocking out I was left with nothing but the image of a blurry figure.

The next time I awoke I found myself in a strange place. Pushing myself up off the ground my eyes darted around the room. I was on the inside of a small church. I pushed myself off the ground and stumbled a bit my legs still hurting. I stood at the back of the church by the doors pews sitting on both sides of me running up to an alter.  The alter had a large table in the middle of it and there was another door at the front as well. At the side of me was a small confession booth. The church had stained glass pictures of gods and goddess as well as angels and demons. It decorated almost every window inside the church.

Stepping forward I looked around in awe.

I began to walk forward more using the pews to help keep me up. I stopped before the alter and let out a small sigh.

The church doors creaked open and I let out a small squeak.

"I see your awake."

It was the same voice I had heard before passing out. I slowly turned around to the sound of moving footsteps. My heart beat began to increase and my eyes widened. Right there stood what seemed to be a priest. He had black hair one of his eyes covered by a bang and his mouth covered by a mask.

"W-Who are you...? Did you save me?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes that is correct." He replied stepping a bit closer.

I stepped back slightly and tripping dropped down onto the alter stairs. He stared down at me and let out a small chuckle.

Bringing his hand down he opened it up. I nervously took it as he pulled me up off the ground.


"Well would you rather have burned?"

I nodded my head profusely.

"But why would you save me...? They'll kill me anyways if they know I escaped..." I mumbled out my stomach turning.

He let out another chuckle except this one was a bit darker.

"If they wanted you dead I wouldn't have let you survive darling.."

I felt my body freeze up in his hold. My heartbeat began to increase and I felt my hands shake slightly.

"W-What do you mean...?" I asked my voice cracking.

"Well isnt there a simple answer." He pulled me closer into him my head hitting his chest lightly.

"If I wanted you dead I would've had one of them kill you simple enough?"

"Wh-What... why...?"

Gripping onto my chin he lifted my head up to look at him.

"Because Irene..."

His lips slammed against mine and my eyes widened. One of his hands wrapped around my waist pulling me closer. My eyes slowly closed and I melted into the kiss. My lips moved against his surprisingly they were pretty soft.

He pulled away and my eyes drifted back to his. They stayed on me dark and cold. I could see him smirking through the mask.

"You're mine."

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