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Alexis's POV

I run into the house like a bat coming out of heck. I run into my mom's room, where she's doing some work on her laptop. She jumps when I come in, "What the hell, Alexis? Are you trying to get your ass beat?"

I completely ignore her threat and jump onto her bed, sitting next to her.

"Alexis Mayes, if you do not get up out of my bubble- "

"I got front row tickets! I'm going to Korea to see my boys! Mom, I'm going!" I yell.

She just stares at me, "You're really doing that? I thought you were joking."

"No, I'm completely serious, Holy Mother of Molasses, I'm going to see them up close! I have to pack, I have to budget, find a hotel, brush up on my Korean, check my flight, what else do I have to do? MOM!"

"Stop talking," she orders simply. I do as she says.

She starts typing something into her laptop, "Didn't class end ten minutes ago? It's a twenty minute drive to your college."

She's right. When the professor left, I checked my email and saw my ticket. It was like Fast and Furious driving here. I almost got into an accident two times, but I'm alive. College has been my priority for a long time, but this concert is topping the list.

I had a part-time job when I was in high school, but I had saved most of it for college. When I turned eighteen, I quit my fast-food job, and got a few jobs that are flexible and can fit around my college schedule. I have a few years' worth of money saved up, and now that I'm nineteen, I decided to reward myself with concert tickets since my scholarship covers most of my tuition.

"We left early." I tell a simple lie. She leaves it alone, not wanting to argue.

She turns the computer around, "Here. A list of everything you need for a trip."

I scroll down the never-ending list, "Oh gosh." It actually has everything I need, and some extra things. Who needs a face mask, what am I, a celebrity?

I take the laptop, "Thank you, I'll bring it back quick."

"Take your time. The longer you have that, the longer my break is." She grabs the remote and lays back, while turning on the TV. I roll my eyes and start leaving, but she calls me. "And Ali?" I turn my head. "You're in charge of telling the boys."

"Thanks," I say sarcastically. Great, now I have that problem to deal with. The male gender of my household are way too clingy. Once they find out, I'll have to knock them unconscious, otherwise I'll wake up to my suitcase unpacked, or my alarm turned off in an attempt to get me to stay.

Ok, I wouldn't actually do that to them, but they would do everything in their power to keep me from going.

"Anytime," she smiles. I swear, my mom is way to relaxed right now. At least one of us is.

When I get to my room, I pack up everything necessary on the list. Some things I can get over there, since I'm fluent in Korean. I look around my room and check of there's anything extra to bring. I don't have an army bomb, because thirty dollars don't lie, so that's out.

Other than that, my "merchandise" is a necklace with Bangtan's debut date engraved on it, and a jacket with all of their names on it. It's not much, but those two things mean the world to me, so I don't feel bad at all.

I never take the necklace off, so I just put the jacket in my suitcase before zipping it up.


Three days later, I arrive at the airport with my family. They came with me to send me off with tearful goodbyes. Most of them, at least.

"Why aren't you crying?" I ask Elijah, my older brother, who has not a single drop in his eyes. I can feel the love. Not.

"Why should I be crying?" He smirks, crossing his arms.

"You're sister is about to travel to a different country." I state simply. This makes my little brother squeeze my leg tighter. He's sitting on my foot, wrapping his limbs around my leg. Mom weakly tries to pry him off, put she's not having much luck, what with the tears blurring her vision. Everyone at the airport watches us weirdly, but I don't pay much attention to it.

"You ripped up the form for my overnight field trip in eighth grade, kicked a boy for 'talking to me too much' in elementary school, and stood outside my classroom door when I had an after school tutoring session because the teacher 'didn't look right.' Now all of the sudden, you're chill when I'm flying to the other side of the world."

Last time I checked, he never stopped being overprotective. I saw him just this morning standing over my suitcase, which I took over an hour hiding.

Then it comes, "I asked a few of my friends in South Korea, to watch over my baby sister." He replies.

F* my life. "You did WHAT?!" I yell, as mom gives him a thumbs up. Now I have to worry about some strangers stalking me. I don't know who to be mad at right now, my older brother for sending a bunch of creeps to watch me, my mother for encouraging it, or my little brother for making me start to lose circulation.

"I'm so going to- " I begin, but he cuts me off by kissing my forehead.

"By sis, I'll video call you later." The little shit says before running off. I don't have anything to throw at him other than my phone, which is not happening.

So I settle for my suitcase. I lift it over my head and aim, but mom grabs it and puts it down, already used to our antics. I hear a 'thanks mom' from far away. "Get over it Ali, it's not like he hired Secret Service. It's just a bunch of his friends he made from his trip last year."

"You knew about this?" I question.

"No, I thought he was going to do it later."

I don't say anything, out of the feeling of betrayal. Eddie, my younger brother, pulls on my jeans and looks up at me with his puppy-dog eyes. "Are you really gonna go?" The sweetheart asks innocently. I scoop him up into my arms.

"Yeah, sweetie. Just for a little bit. I'll be back as soon as you know it. Then we can go out to arcade with bubba." I mention the jackass who just left.

"And get the fluffy candy?" His eyes shine up at me, as his beautiful bright smile comes back.

"And get the fluffy candy." I laugh. He holds out his pinkie and we pinkie promise each other, sealing it with a kiss as we press our thumbs together. I give him one final hug before setting him down. He walks over to mom and holds her hand.

I grab my suitcase again and look at my mom. "Thanks for driving me here mom. I'm still upset that you didn't tell me though." I say with a pout.

"I didn't want to hear you two argue in the car." She explains before kissing my cheek. I try to be mad, but it doesn't last. I can't stay mad at her. "Bye sweetie. Have a good time, don't go kissing boys, or I'll have Elijah send in the Secret Service for real." She threatens, making me laugh.

"Bye mom. Bye baby." I wave at her and Eddie before walking to the line, where non-travelers can't enter. I feel sad at leaving my family, but also excited to see BTS perform in concert. And since I can speak Korean, I should be able to get around pretty well, despite the fears of being in a new country.

"If you meet your soulmate, you better come back to visit us!" Mom yells.

I roll my eyes. Like I'm going to find my soulmate in Korea. I think, unaware of what is going to come.

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