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"May I join you?"

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"May I join you?"

Asked the black haired male, smirking in your direction. Your brows furrowed as the male started taking off his shirt, revealing his soft and not too muscular chest and abdomen.

Your face turned the same colour as a tomato as soon as he took off his boxers and your eyes fell right away on his solid bottom. You turned your head, hoping that the male didn't see you staring at his bum, but you soon realised it was too late when you caught him sneering at you.

"Did you find something you like, kitten?"

He asked rhetorically while sneaking in the bathtub behind you.

"I didn't say you could come in."

You replied piqued when you felt him sitting with you in between his legs. He pulled you closer to his body, your back pressed against his chest and his chin layed on your shoulder.

"Silence means yes."

He claimed while surrounding your body with his arms.

He had spent the last week with you. Or rather, you summoned him basically everyday in the last week. And yes, you two also had fun, not every time you called him, but... Two? Three times? You didn't remember well, since every morning you woke up with a terrible headache and nausea which disrupted your memories of everything that happened when you were with Seonghwa.

In that last week nothing had changed. Maybe one thing: Hongjoong started coming to the campus, though he didn't even once talked to you, but only with Mingi and Wooyoung and the girl your white haired friend was going out with.

San, on the other hand, appeared a few times in the cafeteria, since he wasn't a real student, but only worked in the library. He sat with you and ate with you when your friends were together in another table.

It was alright for you. Hongjoong didn't want to eat at the same table where you were sat so, sometimes it happened that he ate alone and that broke your heart. And, you preferred being the one eating alone, instead of seeing your friend like that.

An accidental sigh left your mouth when you layed your head, that suddenly felt heavy, on Seonghwa's shoulder and closed your eyes, enjoying the hot water and the cuddles the demon was filling you up with.

"You think too much."

Claimed Seonghwa, starting to cradle you while leaving small kisses on your cheeks and jaw.

"No, I'm just relaxing."

You replied, basking in Seonghwa's attentions. He giggled in your ear before biting it.

"What a terrible liar you are, kitten."

Seonghwa stated while tightening his hug around your body and caressed your stomach with his thumb.

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