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tylers pov

"okay yeah that's cool." tyler said to zack before walking back into his bedroom.

"what'd he want?" keelie asked.

"sum about a video game." tyler said, sighing before climbing back under the blankets with her.

she immediately put her leg over him, tyler setting his hand on her thigh.

tyler felt his phone vibrate, so he picked it up and looked at it.

a snap from josh. he smiled to himself, before clearing it. he couldn't answer it right now. he put
his phone down, before turning the tv up a tiny bit.

"do you wanna go to the movies tomorrow?" keelie asked.

"sure, what do you wanna see?" tyler asked.

"i don't know yet. i just wanna go." she shrugged.

"we'll find somethin." tyler said.

"it better be a good one this time." she said.

"what do you mean?" tyler chuckled.

"the last movie we saw sucked." she said.

"spies in disguise?" tyler asked.

"yeah. it was stupid." keelie said.

"i liked it." tyler said.

"well that's kinda childish. i think we're a little more mature than that." she laughed.

"yeah, it was stupid." tyler let out a weak laugh. josh liked the movie too.

she held up her phone and took a selfie of them, tyler sticking his tongue out all cute.

keelie started talking about something, tyler nodding along but not really listening. he was more focused on the tv.

"are you even listening?" she asked, huffing.

"yeah sorry, i got distracted. what's up?" tyler said.

"never fuckin mind." keelie said, getting back on her phone. tyler watched as she started typing a lot. he guessed on what she was typing.

"tylers getting on my nerves again. he's so annoying. i'm tired of him."

that's just what he guessed she was sending to her bestfriend. 

"no, tell me. i'm sorry." tyler said, eyebrows furrowed.

"i was telling you about this movie i saw before but it doesn't matter so never mind." she said, rolling her eyes.

"i'm sorry." he said, squeezing her thigh a little bit. she smiled slightly.

"it's okay." she said.

"you're so beautiful." tyler said. this was how it usually went. a little fight, tyler apologizing and then giving endless compliments.

"thank you." keelie said, pressing a kiss to his lips.

"i gotta pee." he said, keelie nodding. he grabbed his phone and went to the bathroom.

he opened joshs snap. it was an adorable picture of him smiling all cute. "i look like a monkey"

tyler smiled. that was in reply to tyler sending a picture of legs, and saying he looked like a giraffe. he snapped a picture of his face. "you look beautiful"

he just couldn't stop smiling when he was around josh, or even in the same room as him. it started to scare him.

he flushed and washed his hands before coming back out. he saw the flash go off on keelies face, and when he sat down she tilted her phone a bit, doing something before tilting it back.

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