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"hey, you haven't been waiting long have you?" josh asked, once he got in tylers truck.

"no not at all, you're good." tyler smiled.

"phew okay good, mom was showing me a video thing and i was like i gotta go." he laughed. "what's up?"

"what do you mean?" tyler asked.

"weren't you with keelie?" josh said.

"yeah. we uh, got in a fight and she left. needed to get away." he said.

"aw, what happened? you okay?" josh asked.

"yeah, yeah. uh it was my fault i was just annoying her i guess." tyler shrugged.

"i'm sure it wasn't your fault ty. don't be hard on yourself." josh said, he reached over and grabbed his hand.

"thanks. yeah i just needed to get my mind off of it."

"what do you wanna do?" josh asked.

"i don't care, you think of somethin." tyler said.

"you wanna go see a movie?" josh said after thinking for a second.

"sure, what movie?"

"i heard invisible man is pretty good." josh said.

"alright sure. i seen an ad for it and yeah it looks good." tyler said. he put his truck in drive, on his way to the theater that was kinda far away. "so what were you doing?"

"nothin. i was watching netflix when you called. i was bored." he laughed.

josh could tell something was wrong with tyler, as he wasn't as happy and talkative. he wanted to change that.

"so, i'm concerned." josh said.

"why?" tyler asked.

"i haven't received dick pics in like a week. and frankly i'm not too happy about that."

"i literally haven't jacked off all week." tyler said, looking at him and laughing at his face.

"why?" josh said.

"i dunno. just haven't." tyler shrugged.

"you don't deserve that dick." josh shook his head.

"oh i don't?" tyler asked.

"nope." josh shook his head.

"well thats fine. then you just don't get it anymore." tyler said, josh gasping.

"okay fine. you do deserve it." josh said.

"nope. too late." tyler smiled. he pulled into the movie theater parking lot, finding a spot.

"wow that's just rude." josh said. "pleaseeeee."

"we'll see." tyler rolled his eyes. they got out and went into the theater.

it was the 4:00 movie, and they're wasn't very many people there, since today was tuesday. they sat in the back row, with their bag of popcorn, and they got a drink to share. there was probably about 18 other people in there.

"i might have to hold your hand if it gets too scary." tyler said, looking at josh. he looked around after, and josh could tell he was nervous about being out with a guy.

"fine by me." josh said. "and hey, no one cares okay? they can't even see us."

tyler smiled slightly and nodded, before grabbing some popcorn and eating it.

the movie started, and they watched. once they put the popcorn down, tyler reached over and grabbed joshs hand. he rested them on his own lap.

josh smiled and looked at him. tyler flicked his eyes down to joshs lips. josh saw his facial expression change, and he pulled back, turning his attention back to the movie.

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