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t: joshhhhhh
t: joshhhhhhhhhhhh

josh groaned, that his phone kept going off. it was currently 12:30 and he had just woke up to a bunch of texts from tyler.

j: bitch
j: what

josh huffed and got up, going to his bathroom. he peed and brushed his teeth before getting back in bed.

tyler sent a picture this time, so josh opened it, and his eyes went wide. it was a picture of tylers hand on his full bulge through his american eagle boxers.

j: woah woah woah when did that happen

t: i'm home alone
t: come over please

"fuck." josh mumbled, sitting up and grabbing his stuff. he went down stairs.

"hey ima go to town with a friend. i'll be back later." josh said to his dad.

"okay. moms making roast for dinner." bill said.

"gross." josh mumbled, before making his way to his car. he drove to tylers house, parking outside and going in. tyler was sitting on the couch.

"hey, where is everyone?" josh asked.

"they're all at grandmas. they're staying the night there." tyler said, following josh with his eyes as he made his way over to him, straddling his lap.

"why didn't you go?" josh asked, leaning in a bit.

"didn't want to." josh said, leaning his lips in a bit. josh smiled, before letting him connect them.

"missed you." tyler mumbled.

"missed you too." josh said back, moving his
lips to kiss at tyler's neck. he started sucking, and tyler didn't stop him, resulting in two dark hickeys on him, on his lower neck/collarbone.

"tell me what you want." tyler breathily said, hands flying everywhere across joshs body.

"i want you to fuck me right here on this couch." josh said, pulling back and looking at him in his eyes.

"fuck." tyler groaned, pushing him down so he was on his back. he grabbed joshs wrists, pushing them up above his head and pinning them there.

josh wiggled as tyler pushed up his shirt and started kissing his sensitive sides. he pulled off joshs shirt, throwing it aside.

"please. need you." josh whined.

"you want it?" tyler asked, reaching in his pants and pulling his dick out.

"please." josh said.

"beg for it." tyler said, leaning down to his neck.

"want you in me. missed it so much. want you to fuck me till i can't walk. please ty." he whined and whimpered.

tyler sat up on his knees, over joshs chest. josh opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out. tyler jerked himself a bit, before leaned over more and slipping inside joshs mouth. he put more pressure around joshs wrists, as he started moving his hips slightly.

"uh fuck." tyler moaned quietly, tilting his head back. he bit his lip, looking back down at josh.

josh moaned, which was of course muffled by tylers dick in his mouth. tyler cursed, pulling out and leaning down.

"you gonna be a good boy for me?" tyler asked in a quiet voice.

"yes daddy please." josh whined, bucking his hips up. tyler put his hand on his hip, stopping him.

"be still." tyler said, sliding his hand from joshs hip, up to his neck. he wrapped his hand around it, smirking at the look on the boys face before slipping his fingers in joshs mouth.

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