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"baby come back to bed and cuddle meeeee." keelie whined, while tyler was looking through his dresser for something.

"fineee." tyler smiled, climbing under the blankets with her. she immediately wrapped her legs around tylers waist, tyler cuddling back. he smiled, kissing her lips.

"would you still date me if i was a worm?" she asked, tyler laughing.

"uhhhhh. could i still fuck you?" tyler asked.

"no, i'm a worm." she said.

"i mean. yeah i guess. i would." he nodded.

"you're supposed to say no." she said. tyler smiled, flicking his eyes down to her lips.

"okay fine. no." he said.

he groaned when keelie let go of him, and rolled over so she was facing the other way. she sniffled and mimicked like she was crying.

"wowwww you set me up for that." tyler said.

"i'm not talking to you." she shook her head.

"cmonnnnn." tyler whined, chuckling and leaning over her. he rolled her over, but she just rolled herself back.

"get your ass over here." tyler said, rolling her over and pinning her down.

"nooo stop it nooo!!!" she yelled, giggling loudly.

"nooo not until you would let me date you as a worm." tyler said.

"fine fine you can date me." she said. tyler smiled.

"good. i'd love you either way baby." tyler said, leaning down and kissing her.

"thank you. i love you." she said. tyler kissed her again. he leaned his body down more on her, before rolling them over.

"i would miss this ass though." tyler said, grabbing a handful and squeezing.

"i would miss this dick too. i couldn't be able to grab it with my little worm body." she said, reaching down and palming him.

"let's just focus on the fact that you're not a worm, and that you can still grab my dick." tyler smiled. keelie giggled.

"okay." she said. tyler leaned up and took his shirt off, before leaning back in for a kiss.

he stopped though, when keelie set her hand on his chest.

"what?" tyler asked. 

"what is that?" she asked, pointing to tylers neck.


"it's a hickey, y-you uh you gave it to me." tyler said.

"no i didn't." she said, pushing him off more.

"do you not remember?" tyler asked. he was fucked.

"tyler if i did, the last time we hung out was a while ago, so that fucking hickey would have been gone by now." she said, with tears in her eyes.

"i didn't- i'm sorry-"

"who gave it to you." she said.

"i'm not-"

"who!?" she yelled.

"just some girl." tyler lied.

"i can't believe you." she shook her head.

"you know what, it's not like you've never fucking cheated on me before!" tyler said.

"what are you talking about?" she said.

"you don't think people tell me shit? i know who you fuck. and i've just fucking ignored it cause i'm in love with you and i refuse to believe that you don't love me." tyler blurted out. he didn't really mean to get that deep.

"i am in love with you tyler. and i made a mistake. but that's in the past! i've changed. i don't do that shit anymore!" she said.

"yeah. you've changed," tyler chuckled. "people don't just fucking change like that."

"okay we'll stop trying to change the subject. who is the hickey from tyler." keelie said.

"just some girl i told you!"

"so you're not gonna tell me who?"

"why does it matter?!"

"because tyler! i wanna know who else my boyfriend is fucking!" she yelled, slapping him across the face. tyler paused for a second, clutching his face.

"i told you. just some girl. it's not important." he said quietly.

"whatever. i'm leaving." she said, grabbing her stuff.

"so we're just breaking up just like that?" tyler said.

"we're not breaking up. we'll talk about it. i just, can't see you right now." she said, leaving his room.

"fuck!" tyler groaned, pulling his hair and flopping down on his bed.

"i'm fucked."

A/N: i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry.

i've been with my friend for like 3 weeks and i haven't been able to write. i'm sorry guys.

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