Chapter Thirty-Three

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The first thing that came to my senses as I began to awaken was the fact that there was an irritably loud sniffling going on somewhere to my right. I strained my ears to hear properly, and immediately the sniffling was taken over by a loud gasp. Someone clutched my hand tightly and squeezed, and I frowned in discomfort.

"Give her some damn space!" A voice hissed.

"Shut up!"

"She's waking up?"

I frowned as I tried to force my eyelids open but they felt too heavy, almost as if they were sewn shut. I was suddenly blinded by bright white light, and it took a couple seconds of blinking repeatedly for my vision to adjust.

There were three heads hovering directly over my body, their widened eyes staring at me expectantly. My brain was slowly working their features, trying to put them together to recognize who the faces belonged to.

"Oh, my God! She's awake!"

"You're awake!"

I groaned at their loud, high-pitched voices, closing my eyes.

"Quiet down, would you?!" Another voice scolded. "Noah, go get the doctor."

I heard scuffling as Noah walked away and left through the door. I blinked the haziness in my vision away, and finally came to the realization that Bella and Ariel were the ones standing on either side of my bed. I glanced down at my body, which was covered by a thin, white sheet.

"Hey," Bella whispered. "How are you feeling?"

My throat felt like sandpaper. "O-okay." I croaked out, my voice raspy.

"Would you like some water?" Ariel asked, and before I could answer she was already pouring some into a glass from the bedside table. She offered it to me, then hesitated as she noticed that I was lying flat. I set my arms on the bed and tried to scoot upwards, but a sharp pain shot down my leg. I winced, instantly stopping my movement.

"Careful," Bella leaned forward, gripping my arm to help me up. She fixed the pillows behind my back so I could sit upright with my legs outstretched.

"Thanks," I mumbled as I reached for the water. I gulped half the cup down instantly, feeling it ease the soreness of my throat.

When I handed it back to Ariel, I noticed her arm was bandaged. Instantly, the memories of the last time I had been awake came to the front of my mind. I saw the events flash in front of me like a tsunami.

My heart clenched painfully. "Are you okay?" I asked her worriedly, my eyes instantly welling up.

"Huh?" She frowned, confusion swarming behind her ocean-blue eyes.

"Your arm," I looked down at her as she subconsciously wrapped her hand around the bandage.

"Yeah! I'm alright. Don't worry about me." She gave me a reassuring smile.

"How's Seth? Where is he?" The tears were now rolling down my cheeks and I had no control over my emotions. The image of him lying motionless on the floor pushed to the front of my mind and a huge lump formed in my throat; I had to restrain the sobs fighting to escape my lips.

"Seth is alright; he actually woke up before you but he's in his own room, resting as the doctor had instructed." Bella informed me.

"I want to see him." I wouldn't believe it before I saw it for myself.

Bella shook her head. "Not right now, Nora. You just woke up after being out for so long; rest a little."

I frowned. "Out for so long? How long had I been out for? And if that's the case then I've rested enough anyway. I don't feel tired anymore." I rushed in explanation.

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