Stadium Lights

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Alexis's POV

I'm having an internal crisis. 

Right now, I can't decide whether I should wear comfortable clothes or not to the concert. I really want to just put on some leggings and a hoodie, but what if BTS sees me and laughs. I know that all the girls around me will be wearing merchandise, and dressing as if they were at a fashion show, but that's not what worries me. That's almost the definition of high school, and I'm not playing with that childish bullshit.

Being the only one wearing causal clothes within a mile radius is what worries me. I don't want to receive negative attention, and have the boys laugh at me. I couldn't care less about anyone else, but the thought of them judging me makes me rethink my decision.

I contemplate for a while longer, before deciding to go halfway. Taking Do-Song's advice from yesterday to mind, I put on semi-comfortable jeans and my BTS jacket over my plain colored shirt. I know it's going to be cold in the stadium, even with thousands of people there.

I put my room keys and my phone in the jean pocket, and walk out. I've spent all day inside watching TV and occasionally reading twitter posts from fans about the concert, deciding to be lazy today. When it came time for the concert, I simply brushed my hair and rinsed my face before going through the whole dressing issue earlier. 

Walking out, I signal a taxi. I tell the driver the directions, and look out the window. I get more anxious the closer we get to the stadium. Though I know nothing is going to happen, I can't help but get excited. Just being there and getting to see the wonders of a BTS concert will be amazing enough for me.

I was in no way prepared for what was to come.


The stadium looked beautiful. The lasers were shooting into the air, doing dances together in the sky. Giant screens that showed pictures of BTS played on the outside walls. Yeah, it was really pretty from far away, but then we turned into the stadium parking lot. Or tried to, at least. Traffic was backed up all the way to the beginning of the venue.

The parking lot was almost full. Mind you, it goes all around the stadium, and is separated into twelve large sections. And I left two hours early.

Apparently two hours isn't enough. Hell, by the look of that line, two weeks isn't early enough. The line is in a continuous "S" pattern, but it probably takes up a whole quarter mile.

I tell my taxi driver to let me off here. It will be faster to walk, and I'm going to be standing a long time anyways. I look at the front of the line, where tents are set up. I see portable chairs, lamps, and... are those grills?

I don't know how those people shower or relieve themselves, but for my sake, I don't think about it. They probably brought their own makeup bags and changes of clothes, I hope. I wonder where they put everything when it's time for the concert to start.

In the middle of the line, there are chairs everywhere, but no tents. I see everything from groups of friends to complete loners standing in the line. Part of me wants to take a picture, so I can show off the most diverse fandom in the world sitting a little ways in front of me, but I put that idea away, because I need to get moving.

All around me more and more ARMYs are filling up what little space is left in the parking lot. They pass me without a second glance, all of them trying to get their place in line. I stop gazing and move with the crowd, towards the line. I get pushed and shoved as I get closer to the end of the line, but I expected that much. I know that not all ARMYs are like this, but getting to see seven hot angels pour their heart out would even make a pacifist punch a hoe.

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