Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


I look up at our caretaker for the orphanage. She never really talked to any of us. At all.

“Yes, Miss Pol.” I said sweetly.

“Can you go pack your staff sweety?” Miss Pol said with a “sweet” smile.

“May I ask why?” I asked look at her in the eyes.


“You are coming with me, dear.” Bertha said coming through the open door into the dark room.

“BERTHA!” I screamed running towards her and hugging the old woman.

“Hello my dear. You should go pack your stuff. You will be coming with me and you are going to live with me in this big building. You will have your own room and many toys to play with.” Bertha said.

“Okay Bertha. I’ll go and pack.” I said before running upstairs into the children’s room.

I got all the few clothes I had and toys. I put them all into a plastic bag because I didn’t had a luggage bag or of any sorts.

“What are you doing?” Someone said behind me.

I turn around to see Charlie. I smiled at him.

“Bertha asked me to pack because she said I’m going to live with her. Are you coming too?” I asked look at Charlie’s face.

“I’m afraid not.” Charlie said.

“What? Why? You should come with me. After all I need you to look after me when I get in trouble.” I said smiling.

He didn’t smile at all but kept in silence.

“Winter. Bertha didn’t ask me to come with you. That means I’m going to stay here and be alone again. Even though I’ve just found you.” He said walking towards me.

“You won’t be alone. You have Talon after all. I know he doesn’t seem like a good friend but he has a very kind heart.” I said.

“You know how much I despise Talon. He’s not a good person and he will cause a lot of trouble in the future.” He mumbled to himself.

“WINTER!” Miss Pol shouted from downstairs.

I got my bag and grabbed Charlie’s hand. We walked down the stairs. I dropped his hand and ran to Bertha.

“Bertha. Charlie said that you didn’t ask him to come with us. Why is that?” I asked her.

“Dear. There is no need for Charlie to follow us. After all he is capable of taking care of himself and he is not as important as you, my dear.” She said.

“But Bertha. I want Charlie to come with us. I really do.” I whined.

She didn’t answer me.

Talon then walked into the room. He looks at Bertha then to me then the bag in my hands. I saw him getting tense.

“What is going on?” He shouted looking at both of us.

“She is leaving.” Charlie said before sighing.

“Why?!” Talon shouted again.

He walks over to me and grabs my arm. He pulls me away from Bertha and Charlie. He pulls me into his tiny body.

“She is not leaving. Especially with an old hag that doesn’t know anything.” He shouted at Bertha.

“Talon stop. I really want to go with Bertha.” I said getting out of his weak grip.

“You are not going anywhere. You hear me. You aren’t allowed to leave. If you leave then I do too.” He said.

Bertha started laughing causing Talon to glare at her.

“You think this is funny, you hag.” He said.

“I never knew that a little kid like you could swear at this age.” She said.

“Little kid?” Talon snapped.

“Bertha please take Charlie and Talon with us. They are my friends. If they don’t go then I won’t go to.” I said.

“mmmhmm. The rest won’t like this but ok.” She said

I jumped in happiness.

“But. You can only bring one of them.” She smiled.

My heart went to the pit of my stomach.

“But.. Bertha..” I mumbled.

“I’m not going to change my proposal dear. You either pick one of them or you are coming with me alone.”

I look at Talon and Charlie. Talon was staring at me in confidence like I was going to pick him over Charlie. Charlie didn’t smile or anything he looked at me like he would understand if I didn’t pick him.

“I pick..”


“Yes!” Talon shouted before sticking his tongue out at Charlie who walked towards me.

“What?” Talon said as Charlie takes hold of my hand.

“You picked him over me! Why Winter? Don’t you love me.” Talon said look at me.

I saw his eyes changed colour to that hateful black. It was that black color again. That horrible color. I tighten my hold on Charlie’s hand knowing he would protect me if anything happened.

“Talon. She picked me. Deal with it. If not you are going to suffer for a long time.” Charlie said.

“Noo! You can’t take her away from me.” He said running towards me.

Charlie stood in front of me and pushed Talon away causing Talon to fall down.

“Stay away. You are bad news and everyone knows it. You aren’t in the right state of mind.” Charlie said causing Bertha to look at him in with curiosity.

“She is the one thinking wrongly. She would have picked me not you, you stupid bastard.” Talon shouted angrily at Charlie.

“If it was between me and you. I will always be chosen because she trust me more than you.” Charlie said.

“Winter. Please tell me this is a joke. Please choose me.”

I look away from him knowing that I would see those black eyes. This wasn’t him talking. He would have loved me to make my own decision.

“No, Talon. It isn’t. I have chose Charlie.” I said.

Talon looks at me in a heat glare before punching the glass table causing it to break.

“Liar. You are a liar.”


Since then, I never really knew how much pain I had caused Talon and because of me people suffered.


I will take this pain no matter what people say. It’s my punishment for choosing Charlie over Talon. I’m sorry, Duke but there are certain things that will remain none of your business.

And it should stay that way.

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