Chapter 2- Cold Imprisonment

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Talula woke in an area unfamiliar to her. Her arms still cradling her egg, she layed on the peppled bank of a river while the moon showed itself to her from the skeletal embrace of the trees around her. Groaning Talula got up and staggered into the woods, her back was badly burned along with a deep gash across her snout from bashing through the wall. Checking the egg she continued on, the egg was fine. Sure it was a little scuffed up but the small hatchling inside still responded to taps on the outer shell.

The woods seemed to go on forever, Talula's legs were weak and fragile as she had unknowingly been out for a few nights. Her breath ticked the night air, showing up in shall spurs before fading into the sky. Crickets no longer chirped and owls no longer hooing, only the sound of her heavy breaths and dragging feet echoes the woods now while the chilly air stung her skin like small needles. Everything seemed so peaceful if it wasent for the sinking feeling that swallowed Talula's soul.

The egg shook in her arms softly, she tapped it gently with her voice smooth, "Don't worry little one, mommy's still here.. I've got you." What felt like a mere hour turned out to be several of the same slow and pained walking before she came across a hut with the fireplace still roaring. It brought a spark of hope to her as she trotted over and looked into the window, no one was inside though. "I'm sure they won't mind too much.." Walking to the door she quietly opened it, closing it behind her with her tail and observing her new surroundings.

Herbs and crystals of many lines shelves. Spices in the fireplace gave a warm smell to the hut which Takula settled herself by weakly yet happy. Simply curling around the egg in a protective embrace as she had before.

Orange light poured through the windows as the sun had arisen, bringing Talula and her egg into a deep slumber. That of which the egg had only just started to pip out a small bit. Taking up an entire day before it finally cracked a bit of shell off and looked at it's new world, one that was soon to rest back in sleep as the owner of the hut chanted. Talula only just waking up as the sun had dipped down into the horizon. Her eyes open with a soft look before returning to a stony sleep with her hatchling.

🌸Sorry this chapter is shorter than the 1st one as it was now updated but 3 should be much longer!! Hope you enjoy the story so far!!🌸

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