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CHASE BRACES HIS forearm beside my head and against the tiled wall

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CHASE BRACES HIS forearm beside my head and against the tiled wall. The hot, running water hit his back and sprayed me from over his shoulders. I tilt my head back, my skull resting against the wall as I close my eyes in ecstasy. 

I tighten my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. His other hand grips my thigh, holding me steady as he rocks in and out of me. Using one shaky hand, I grab onto his chin and bring his lips back to mine. His mouth and tongue easily dominate, like they usually do. 

"Fuck." Chase gasps against my lips, indicating that he was close to finishing. I dip my head down and rest my head on his shoulder as he quickens his pace, slamming his pelvis to mine at a rapid rate. 

I'm the first to tip over the edge, throwing my head back against the wall as I moan out his name. He pumps into me a few more times, hard and fast and jagged. Then he unravels around me and his face tucks into the crook of my neck. 

We stay like that for a while, frozen in time and space. The only sound heard was Chase's ragged breathing against my neck and the spray of the water echoing in the large glass box. 

Over these past couple days we haven't been able to keep our hands off each other—well, in moderation that is. From glances to subtle touches to full on making out, it's been hell and heaven. We've been trying to keep it low-key. 

But I swear, sneaky sex is a whole lot better. 

"Wow." I breathe out as I feel Chase places one kiss to the curve of my neck before he grabs onto both thighs and slips out of me. He helps me onto my feet and when I was steady on the tiled floor, he dips his head slightly. 

"Are you okay?" He questions so softly as water drops from the dark hair falling in front of his face. I nod silently as he smiles slightly and leaves the shower box to discard of the condom. The few seconds he was gone gave me time to collect myself. 

I breath out and run my fingers through my wet blonde hair before the foggy glass door opens. 

"You know, I wasn't expecting you to bombard me in here." Chase scoffs as he walks towards me. He stops in front of me and grabs a hold of my neck and chin and gives me a chaste kiss, "But I'm not complaining." 

"You better not be." I smirk as Chase chuckles and kisses me quickly one last time. We end the shower rendezvous by cleaning ourselves once more with my body wash. I had to buy the biggest load of it because both Noah and Vera liked it so much, so we all share it. 

Chase helps me with my back which then kinda turns into my front, but he basically just focused on moving the loofah around my boobs. 

"Don't get it in my fucking eyes." Chase growls as I smooth my fingers over his face while I apply my facial cleanser. 

"Don't be a pussy." I growl as he continues to lean down slightly, allowing me to clean his face. When I had cleaned it enough, I pull him under the water and wash all the suds off. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me flush against his chest but still allows me to wash his face. 

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