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(Okay, since Astrid is controlling Jungkook's body, I'll use the pronoun her and she)

"I thought the pack vanished you?" Astrid says, glare still prominent in her eyes.
"Well, the wolf of this boy's Dad helped me" Sooshik replied as he smirks with crossed arms.
"But then why did you kill him?" Astrid says, still tied up in the chair. But she was secretly untying it behind her back.
"He told them about it, but didn't get any punishments, you know that's unfair" The demon said, rolling his eyes.

Sooshik then harshly grabbed Jungkook's(Astrid) face, glaring at her.
"You didn't help me, you should be, you were my friend" He said, Astrid just scoffing.
"Why would I help someone who killed my sister, your mate?" She said before punching Sooshik. The demon fell to the ground, holding onto his face.
"How!?" He said, growling as he glared at Astrid.

"Didn't you remember the thing you taught me when we were younger? Untying ropes?" She said, laughing. Sooshik stood up, launching at her, but failing as she uses telekinesis that made her eyes and hair white. Sooshik floats in the air, Astrid messing with him by moving her hand around, making the latter be moved around.
"Now tell me, why do you want my human's powers when you already have?" She said, raising one of her brows at him.

"Because I want to be the only powerful omega here!! How did your human even became an omega!? His parents are both alpha!" Sooshik asks, eyes changing to different color as he tried to fight back.
"The moon goddess loved both of his parents, so she gave them a miracle" Astrid said, looking at her nails while the other hand was held up to stop Sooshik from moving.
"Get me down!" He yelled, getting dizzy from all the moving.
"Not until you stop what you are doing" Astrid says, feeling Jungkook taking over.

"No, Jungkook stop!"

Astrid's shouts fell into deaf ears as Sooshik fell down on the ground. He glares at Jungkook before hitting him with his power, wind. The younger's breath got caught as he hit the wall hard, passing out but not before seeing Sooshik a few inches away from his face.


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