chapter 2

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Tooba's p.o.v.
"Yummy. Man !! How they manage to make such an amazing pizzas."

I said talking last slice of my pizza. Today we decided to have pizza at pizza hut near our college. Now I am thinking that it was brilliant idea otherwise I would have missed these pizza slices .

"Enough of eating or else I am going to burst ."
Minahil said touching her stomach.

We burst into laughter.

"OK let's move to the counter. So everyone have your student cards with you?"
Ramza asked standing .

"Yeah I have mine and Minahil's." Zaara said talking cards out from her bag.

"And you tooba?" Ramza asked me.

"Yeah I have! You guys move to counter I have to make a call."

Yeah I have to call mom cause when I checked phone there were 6 missed calls from her.

Great! Now she is going to shoot me. Ouch!

I mumbled calling her. On three rings she picked up the call.

"Where are you tooba? Did you forget that you have a house where you have to come? "

"Sorry sorry sorry mom I am on my way to home. Just wait I am coming. Love you a lot."
And I cut the call.

When I turned back I saw Zara glaring at me with her hands on hips.

"Why did you cut the call?"

"What why? I don't have balance."
She was still glaring.

"OK na enough balance. OK just leave it let's..."
I was interrupted by Zara's phone ring.

" OK OK I am coming. No, no! don't go without me. I am on my way. Just open the door. "

"Care to explain?"

Now it was my turn to glare at her who was collecting her things and putting them in her bag.

"Aah actually I have to go toobi. Its urgent."

"And where are Minahil and ramza?"
I asked not able to see them.

"They went home."


"O toobi! slow down your voice. My ears are hurting even after wearing this thick scarf."

"Ohh sorry! They didn't bother to even tell me."

I wiped my imaginary tears and Zara rolled her eyes.

"You are such a drama Queen anyhow they left cause Asad Bhai was passing through so he saw them and asked them and they gladly said yes! I mean who wants to waste their money on rikshawand taxi fare. Now I am going. Bye."

She said and quickly hugged me and went out of the glass door.

Asad Bhai is so cool. Why don't I have these types of cousins? If I were there and asked one of my cousins to drop me I bet he had surely died at that instance.

I rolled my eyes and moved towards the counter.

I was taking money out when counter said,

"Mam! Your bill has been paid."

Ohh I just love my friends.
Free food yaaheyy!!

"OK "
I took my bag and moved towards the glass door.

All the time I was feeling someone's burning gaze upon me but I decided to ignore.

When I was about to call for rikshaw I saw that black Mercedes.I quickly took out the paper on which I wrote the number of car.

O my pizza! Its not my hallucination. It's the same car!

I was somehow feeling scared. What if someone is following me?

But I am not going to spare you this time.

I took out the hair pin from my bag's pocket and started to do my work with ful concentration.

Now you will see mister stalker whom you are messing with !

And sat in rikshaw.

Rehab's p.o.v

When I saw her not going towards her van instead she started walking with her friends I followed her.

What! She stopped in front of my newly opened pizza hut.

I went inside behind her. I was watching her every move. After lunch when her Friends were about to move outside I payyed her bill.

I mean I could have payyed everyone's bill but they already payyed. I saw two of them sitting in a car with a boy.

I was watching them go when I heard her scream, "WITHOUT TELLING ME".

Man! She speaks way too much loud. How I am going to sleep when she speaks normally with this high pitch.
I smiled at my thought.

I saw her going toward the counter and when counterman told her that her bill has been paid she smiled wholeheartedly at him and inreturn that counterman also smiled at her which somehow boiled my blood that she has no right of smiling at other men like this. I guess she thought that her friends payyed her bill but little did she know who payyed. She went out of resort I moved towards the counterman.

" You are fired! Never you dare ever to show your face around this resort."

"But sir.."

"I said you are fired!"

"Who are you?" He asked .

"I am the owner of this resort. Now get out of here."
He didn't bulge.


I screamed. He threw his resort I'd and moved towards the door.

"You are in great trouble Mister. You have to pay for this."
He mumbled clenching his teeth. I just ignored him.

she was about to call rikshaw she stopped and took something from her bag I wasn't able to see cause her back was facing me after some moments she moved towards my car and my eyes widened after watching her.


She did that with that much concentration that it seems that she is making an atom bomb or something.
After smirking she sat in rikshaw and disappeared.

This girl and her nerves..

I called haider my man,to bring another car and take this one to garage. This is my favourite one and she..

You are going to pay for this miss!

I smirked and went towards Haider who was waiting for me.

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