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"For me?" Keefe looked at the two small bundles on his lap, his hands on his chest while acing overly happy and touched
"No, sorry. I got the wrong person" Sophie rolled her eyes, pretending to reach down and grab the presents. Keefe threw an arm around them protectively, shielding them "if you're that protective, open them already" Sophie told him
"Okay, okay. Just savoring the fact that the Sophie foster gave me a present" he said, grabbing the bigger of the two wrapped parcels. Sophie felt her stomach twist itself into a knot
"Wait, wait. Open the other one first" Sophie said, tugging on an itchy eyelash and flicking it away
"Fiiinnne. Are you always in lady fossboss mode?" Keefe asked her, grabbing the small bag
"Shh. Just open the bag" Sophie told him. Keefe rolled his eyes, but obeyed. Inside was a little gold and red tin, and when he popped it open she saw the slightly confused look on his face "custard bursts. There's roughly twenty different flavors. Edaline helped me make them until like four in the morning because I couldn't sleep after she basically dragged me back to havenfeild" Sophie tugged on another itchy eyelash "I was really worried about you" she whispered, blushing when she realized how that sounded. But she was worried about him, so she didn't correct herself
"Than- thanks" Keefe told her weakly, and she swore she saw a light blush on his cheeks
"Awww" Ro interpreted them, ruining the moment. Not that there was a moment. Because they weren't doing anything. She was giving him something and that was- she stopped herself. She didn't need to convince anyone. Except yourself a tiny voice whispered, which Sophie chose to ignore.
"Ok, next present!" Keefe snapped himself out of it, grabbing the next present like a child of Christmas morning. Ro and Sophie watched as Keefe unwrapped it, and Sophie smiled when he gasped
"Like it?" She asked
"Yes" he whispered, studying it with a growing intensity.
"Dude, it's just a blanket" Ro interrupted. Keefe ignored her, still looking at it. Yes, it was a blanket, but it was just so Keefe. Green gulons danced on a background of ice blue, and it was stitched on the sides with gold thread to match the small sparkles on the gulons eyes. Sophie looked at his face, and she felt little butterflies in her stomach when she saw the childlike wonderment in his eyes. Her smile got even bigger, but she quickly looked away when Keefe looked up at her. He smirked, unwrapping the blanket
"I'm never taking this off" he declared as he threw the blanket around his shoulders and grinned, smoothing out the excess -it was a big blanket- onto his lap and covering the simple quilt he had gotten from Elwin
"Thought you'd like something to match Mrs.Stinkbottem" Sophie told him
"But actually" Keefe's voice softened a little as he made eye contact with Sophie "it's perfect. Thank you, so much" they kept eye contact for a very long moment, Sophie's emotions going haywire as she noticed the beautiful shade of his eyes. They were almost like a glacier, and Sophie felt if she looked long enough she'd never want to leave. She tore her eyes away, slapping herself mentally.
"Hey Ro, want to play monopoly with us?" She asked her, suddenly a whole lot more grateful for all the human games she had Forkle buy for them
"I don't know what it is, but if involves more lovey staring into each others eyes, I'm in" Ro got up from her place in the dark corner, met with a heavy glare from Keefe and halfhearted one from Sophie, who was already turning to grab the game box from the shelf. Once they sat down, Sophie started explaining
"So everyone get's fake money, and little houses...."

"That's it! I quit!" It had been too many rounds of monopoly to count later, and the time was creeping on 2am.
"You can't Ro" Keefe whined, still wrapped in his blanket. It had migrated higher up, now flattening out his hair as he covered himself with it more, wrapping it around his head "I'm on a winning streak!"
"And that's exactly why I'm quitting" Ro threw down her money with enough force to scatter the small houses and mess up Keefe and Sophie's piles of money as well
"Hey! What if me and Keefe wanted to play one you quit?" Sophie asked
"Then restart. I'm going to hang out with some of my favorite bacteria buddy's, which Keefe might have the pleaser of meeting later tonight" Ro told them, stalking back over to her chair in a shadowed corner
"Annnnd suddenly I've decided to pull an all nighter" Keefe told Sophie, grinning "another round? Or maybe go fish? Slap jack? Crazy 8's?" Keefe said, starting to sort the money into piles once again
"No thanks. I'm going to bed after I help you clean up" Sophie yawned for added effect, but started picking up the small plastic houses and silver game pieces. Once she put the box back on the shelf they had cleared and named 'soKeefe's honorary shelf of things to do when they're stuck in the healing center for weeks on end'. Not very catchy, and certainly not short, but accurate nonetheless. They had shortened it to 'sokeefe's shelf' when referring to it, which Ro found amusing to no end, for some reason. Sophie laid down on her cot that Elwin had prepared once all the adults realized she wasn't going anywhere and Edaline voiced her concerns about Sophie sleeping in an arm chair, trying to go to bed, but suddenly she had a very hard time thinking about anything other then the blond elf sitting next to her, and for once the thoughts weren't about if he was going to be okay.

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