chapter 3

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OK let's get back to the story.
So here you go...

3 months later

Tooba's p.o.v
I don't get it that why I am feeling like something bad is about to happen.
Its been 3 months to that black car stalking me. Firstly, I thought that it may be some coincidence but now my assumption has been proved wrong. It can not  be same coincidence for freaking 3 months. Now I am getting restless. Today, I have decided that I will tell my crew about this. College is off for preparation leave. Yeah! Its my freaking exams on my head burying me down.
I have 1st exam on 26th march means after 10 days ohh I was getting worry in vain there are still many days to study. Let's go to Zara's place.


"Let's gather at Zara's place."
I messaged in our WhatsApp group whose name has first letters of everyone's name:

Ramza: why not!

Minahil: I am on my way.

Zara: please buddies let me study. You all have nothing to do but I have and besides my mom will burst my head if she came to know that I m here chatting with you all lunaticx.

Minahil: means you don't have time for us?

Ramza: ja dkhi Teri wafadariyan!

Tooba: dost,dost na rha "wiping tears."

Zara: o come on ! You drama queens.

Tooba: on serious notice! I have something very great to tell you all.

Zara: I m waiting for u all!!!!

Ramza: Zara you are so mean!!

Minahil: that's so true ramza. But toobi don't tell us that you are getting married. I don't want to lose my boyfriend.

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