Chapter 12

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The next morning, I rose earlier than usual, despite it being still dark outside and the members being deeply asleep. I had to carefully detach myself from the arms slung around my waist from either end. Everyone looked peaceful, content but my mind had been scrabbling onto small ideas throughout the whole night even when asleep and I had woken up mind buzzing with ideas and fears that I needed to work off, the pent up energy and nerves needing an outlet.

I quietly grabbed a pair of workout clothes and slid into the bathroom to change and freshen up. I debated whether or not I should leave a note but decided against it, I'd be back before they woke up anyways, so left the apartment and headed down to the residential gym for a cardio session with my trainer. He didn't comment on the fact that I had been relatively absent these past few weeks but instead showed it through how hard he pushed me through the exercise routines. An hour and a half later, I was drenched in sweat but the expression on the instructor's face had lightened up, I apologised as I left promising to make it up to him soon....we'd become close and I knew he was just looking out for me. There had been a main intention when I'd started; self-defence, never again would I let myself be in the vulnerable stage that I had been before in my life. Never again.

As quietly I had made my way down to the gym, I made my way back choosing to take the stairs internally debating whether or not I should give my friend that call and get some advice. Would they be awake? Do I care if they're awake? Surely if I want their help, I'd rather they weren't grumpy with me from the get-go for waking them before dawn...I decided to wait a while.

The apartment was as silent as I'd left it which meant the boys were still asleep. That was good. I grabbed another outfit to lounge in after showering whilst the boys woke up at their own leisure. Just as I shut the bathroom door, I discarded my phone on the sofa and shut the door behind me letting myself relax under the pounding jet of water as I scrubbed myself clean. My mind was itching to solve this problem that had cropped up and no matter how much I drowned it out through the fierce scrubbing and washing to distract myself- it kept on slithering back into my mind and thoughts.

Resigning myself to be plagued by the thoughts, I turned the water off and slid out, towelling myself before changing and leaving the bathroom. As I was disposing the clothes in the laundry basket, my phone pinged with a text notification.

I picked up my phone and frowned at the unknown label that was flashing at me, mockingly almost. I swiped to open the message and promptly froze.

The message was brief.

Shame you happened to be saved the other day. There won't always be someone there to save you.

My heart started pacing and hands started to shake as the phone dropped out of my hands with a soft thump landing onto the sofa. It had been intentional. The car accident.

Another ping. I opened it hesitantly.

Maybe next time I'll go for Adam.

I could feel cold dread settling into me, ice spreading through my veins, numbing me from the panic and hysteria that had threatened to rise only mere moments earlier.

They knew Adam. They knew my family. They were threatening to hurt my baby boy, my nephew.

And for once I was glad for feeling numbed and cold instead, it forced me to think rationally. How to act next, who to call and a fury and vengeance to make them pay. No-one got away with hurting my family. No-one.

I sat there lost in thoughts until I roused myself seeing dawn break through the sky, light filtering through the open curtains, it was time to make a phone call.


I got to my feet and headed to the main speaker connected to others throughout the house, playing a soft Disney piano instrumental the soft melodies soothing me and calming me. Also, hopefully it'd help in drowning out my voice should the boys happen to wake. I entered the kitchen getting to work making a start on breakfast.

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