Chapter 18: A Turn Of Events

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Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V:

We walked back to out place, oblivious to the other inklings judging us as we held hands. I glanced around, not to look at the judgmental others, but to notice that lots of decorations were bing hanged on stores. White, red, green decorations were all over the place, including squids with little hats. I'm surprised I didn't notice earlier.

"Hey Sarah? What's with all these decorations?" I asked. She gave me a questioning look, then turned around to look around. A smile quickly crept on her face. "Squidmas of course!" She smiled widely. All I did was give her a confused look back. "Yea Squidmas! A time for loved ones to get together, exchange gifts and spend time with one another." Sarah explained briefly as we walked along the sidewalk, passing by other inklings.

"Heh. That sounds nice..Are we doing something for Squidmas then?" I asked her, an excited expression appearing on my face.

She laughed for a moment, before she froze up and blushed. We had stopped walking at the moment, standing in front of an office building. "Is something wrong?" I asked concerned.

"I-I can't believe I forgot to tell you.." She whispered, clearly distressed. Embracing her in a tight hug, I tried to reassure her and let her know that it was ok and that she should just tell me now. My beloved inkling took a deep breath and explained everything to me.

"I-I'm actually going back to my family for a couple of days...and w-well...When purchasing the ticket to go at this time..I forgot to ask you if you wanted to come with me too.." Her voice sounded shaky, and my face had shown a bit of disappointment. "A-And now tickets are all sold out and getting them would be impossible..I'm so so sorry Mike.." Sarah whispered, her body trembling a bit and her eyes swelling up with tears.

I wasn't happy about it, especially since I wanted to spend it with her, but it's forgivable.

"Hey hey's ok.." I whispered to her, stroking her hair as her head rested on my chest. My heart ached, but as long as she enjoys herself and takes care, I'll be fine.

It took awhile to calm her down, but now we walked silently, hand-in-hand, back home.

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V:

I can't believe how forgetful I can be. I shouldn't have forgotten that. Now he's going to spend his first Squidmas alone with no family and it's all my fault.

As I told him everything nervously, his facial expression went from excited, to disappointed, and it just broke my heart knowing what it meant. I could tell from his eyes that he really wanted to spend it with me, but his plans were now ruined thanks to me. The guilt ate me up inside, and I would never forgive myself for this.

We arrived home and Mike went straight to the kitchen to get himself a glass of juice. He didn't seem mad at me, he was just upset. I sniffled and looked down in shame, but looked back up in surprise as I saw a glass of juice in front of me. "Try to relax a bit.." Mike said sincerely, patting my head. I sniffed and wiped the tears off both of my eyes and nodded.

Even after this, and ruining his first Squidmas, he still worries about me more than himself...

I finished the cup and thanked him for it, by giving him a quick kiss on the lips. He chuckled with a blush on his face, causing me to smile without even realizing it. Setting the cup on the living room table, we cuddled up on the couch. I relaxed in no time. I don't feel safer anywhere else but in Mike's arms.

I don't remember sleeping either.


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